3 reasons why carbon cleaning is the way forward for your business

Engine carbon cleaning is becoming increasingly popular within the UK and abroad. With many drivers realising just how much difference an engine carbon clean makes to their vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy as well as the pressure for vehicles to become more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to expand the vehicle services your workshop offers, to include carbon cleaning too. Our Global Product Manager, Ben has listed 3 reasons why carbon cleaning is the way forward for your business.

1. Increased Awareness & Demand

Carbon cleaning has been around for years, but it’s only recently that drivers have really started to become familiar with the service and the benefits it offers to their vehicle. With an increase in awareness, carbon cleaning has become incredibly popular with drivers wanting better fuel economy, better performance, a greener engine and also improved longevity of engine components. This means that by investing in an Engine Carbon Clean Machine you can attract a new client segment and offer an up-and-coming service to local drivers.

2. Unlimited Earning Potential

When investing in our engine carbon cleaning technology, only the sky is the limit! There are thousands of pounds to be made just by offering this simple 30-minute service in your workshop. In fact, by completing just 4 carbon cleans per day, you can generate over £100,000 extra revenue per year. This is a completely game changer for workshops who want to take their business to the next level. Any combustion vehicle will suffer from carbon build-up, so your potential market is huge, ranging from passenger cars to commercial fleets to even agricultural vehicles.

3. Quick and Easy Operation

There are many services you can offer at your workshop. However, some of which can be incredibly labour intensive. What makes carbon cleaning the perfect investment is the fact that our technology is very easy to set up with even a set and forget feature. This quick 30 minute service will generate around £99 for every service completed and the running costs are near zero! Carbon cleaning is often referred to as an easy and quick money-making service which can drastically improve revenue figures.

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