Angsley Auto Locksmith Invests In Our DPF Cleaning Technology

Anglesey Auto Locksmith has recently invested in our Flagship DCS-20 Commercial DPF Cleaner! This lovely garage in Gwynedd, Wales offers a variety of services including Vehicle Lock Out, Remapping, ECU Cloning, Spare/Lost Keys as well as DPF Cleaning. This lovely garage has previously invested in our CC-14 a few years back. After noticing the demand for DPF Cleaning, this Welsh garage took the leap and invested in our DCS-20 after discovering us on Facebook. After investing in this technology, they will now have the ability to significantly increase workshop revenue whilst opening up a completely different client segment in their area!

As Anglesey Auto Locksmith has now invested in the DCS-20, they are now able to offer DPF Cleaning to a wide variety of customers. Why? That’s because our market-leading DPF Cleaner can clean any DPF you can imagine! The top-of-the-range machine offers adjustable pressures, adjustable water temperature, active filtration and more! Not to mention it removes up to 100% of soot and ash!

Investing in the DCS-20 will mean you will be able to offer a wider range of services meaning you will be able to become the go-to spot for DPF problems. Help your customers save thousands while you increase workshop revenue like Anglesey Auto Locksmith has done!

Allow your garage to thrive and start offering DPF Cleaning now, call us on (0) 203 507 0175 or email to get started!