auto care with our DPF Cleaning Machine

Peterborough Workshop Invests in our DPF Cleaning Tech

Express Auto Care decided to invest in our market-leading DCS-16 DPF Cleaning machine to increase their workshop opportunities. By investing, the Peterborough-based workshop can offer our DPF cleaning tech to their customers and other local Garages.

The well-established business originally met us at the Mechanex show in Surrey, where they immediately saw the opportunity to grow their business. They offer many services including MOTs, routine servicing and maintenance, and now specialist DPF Cleaning.

Why did they invest in our DPF Cleaning Tech?

Simon Hunt, Manager at Expert Auto Care said they invested in the DCS-16 because they saw the potential the “brilliant” machine had to offer. He also said he has already seen the new DPF cleaning service make very good returns. Their new service can now attract a wider range of clients.

Benefits of the DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine:

  • Removes up to 100% of carbon, soot and ash built up in a DPF.
  • Automatic setting
  • Simple control panel
  • Easy work-bed design
  • Equipped with all accessories to suit any car DPF
  • Check out all of the benefits>>

By taking the plunge, thousands of workshops around the UK have realised the exponential potential in sales revenue, potential growth in client segments, new business opportunities, and more. Customers constantly face DPF issues therefore by investing in our range of DPF Cleaning machines you will be able to fill a gap in the market. What makes us different is the quality of our DPF Cleaning technology, which not only impresses your customers but also introduces fast returns as our DPF Cleaning technology removes carbon, soot and ash in a timely manner! As a result of quick and efficient cleaning, you will also be earning anything from £99 to £250+ every hour or so (dependent on your DPF Cleaning Rates), now that’s what we call a massive return on investment.

To find out more about this lucrative business opportunity call us on 0203 507 0175 or email This will help you take your business to the next level in 2022.


3 Ways To “Go Green” In 2021!

Reduce Carbon Emissions through our automotive environmental technology

Start the year right by ‘going green’ and helping to reduce the amount of carbon footprint. Wondering how? We highlight 3 clear ways to reduce carbon emissions using various machines in your workshop.

The automotive industry is to blame for up to 30% of the total CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere so therefore there is a big push for governments and businesses to drive the initiative to reduce carbon emissions. The great news is that we offer various machines which reduce the carbon emissions while providing clear benefits to the driver and harvesting extra revenue for the garage. This makes this initiative a win, win situation for all.

1. Invest in an Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine

At Carbon Clean we offer a range of HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines designed to accommodate almost any type of vehicle from passenger cars, vans, trucks, commercial fleets, motorcycles and even boats. Our machines are specifically designed to offer an easy and less labour-intensive way of cleaning carbon built up in vehicles engines. By investing in one of our machines you can increase your workshop revenue with a new unique service whilst also contributing towards a healthier environment by reducing the carbon footprint in your area.

View the full product information here.

2. Dive into the world of DPF Cleaning

Investing in something new for your business can seem daunting but investing in DPF cleaning is definitely worthwhile for any workshop that wants to increase their workshop revenue and contribute towards a greener environment. Diving into the world of DPF Cleaning will allow your business to help reduce carbon footprint significantly. Many diesel vehicles are affected by the build-up of carbon, which causes the dpf filter to become blocked and any regeneration will fail to solve the issue. Many workshops don’t realise how effective our technology is to remove up to 100% of the carbon with our machines.

Find out more about the exact DPF Cleaning machine models

3. Use a HPCS Machine to remove Carbon Build-Up

Our range of high pressure cleaning system (HPCS) machines are designed to remove carbon build-up in the most effective way yet. Our machines allow you to deeply and effectively remove carbon build-up from every single component within a vehicle’s engine simply by using high-pressure air and water. Carbon is a natural bi-product of the combustion process but measures to clean the internal engine are imperative to reduce the carbon emissions. The equipment is designed to be easy to use and the cabinet style design reduces mess and water leakage. This is the perfect solution for those who have are responsible for ensuring vehicles last for as long as they can. Fleet operators and commercial vehicles can dramatically reduce their carbon emissions with this process.

View a demonstration of our HPCS16 model 

So we hope you see that there’s clear and easy ways to reduce carbon emissions in the aftermarket automotive industry and we hope you invest in our machines to reduce the carbon footprint and increase your workshop revenue.

Contact our experts who will be happy to provide more information on ways to “go green” the carbon clean way?
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DPF problems to increase significantly in the coming months

Why are so many DPF problems occuring?

The lack of maintenance and servicing has become increasingly worrying throughout the automotive industry. Many UK drivers have admitted that they have not bothered to keep up the servicing and maintenance on their vehicles throughout the pandemic. As like many of us, we’ve hung the car keys up and got the bikes and comfortable walking shoes out. However, leaving vehicles without the proper servicing and usage will inevitably lead to issues and one of the main ones for Diesel vehicles is DPF problems.

Failed Regeneration in Diesel Particulate Filters

Changing driving patterns such as reduced usage, shorter car journeys and a lack of vehicle servicing are all factors which could contribute towards DPF blockages and malfunctions. The DPF automatically burns off most of the carbon residue when the engine is hot and can perform a DPF regeneration process. However, due to most Diesel owners only popping to the supermarket and back, the engine doesn’t get to perform this vital function.

Effects of Vehicle standstill
When vehicles are out of action for a long period of time, water and contaminants can enter the oil supply and result in sludge. This will generate more carbon, soot, and particulate matter (PM) to build up on major vehicle components. This kind of build-up is also likely to then lead to DPF’s becoming blocked and cause problems in other parts of the engine.

Many people throughout the UK are facing financial difficulties, therefore replacing their Disel Particulate Filter with a new manufacturer DPF for thousands of pounds is likely to be out of the question. However, there’s one other alternative which works out to be cheaper and in fact easier. Many workshop owners do not realise how easy it is to clean a DPF using our technology. It is, therefore, the perfect time for your workshop to invest in one of our DPF Cleaning Machines.
Our machines perform a professional deep clean of the DPF using high-pressure air and water, which you can see on this video >

Why you should choose our DPF Cleaning technology…

We have an extensive range of DPF Cleaning Machines, designed to remove up to 100% of carbon, ash and soot built up specifically in the DPF. Our technology is specifically designed to solve all types of DPF problems and malfunctions. and the variety of models cover different types of workshops and vehicle types, from passenger vehicles to commercial fleets.
Our innovative technology allows you to clean DPF’s in your workshop within a matter of hours.

Benefits of our DPF Cleaning Machines include:

  • Simple and easy to use machines
  • Affordable solution for the customer
  • Increased workshop revenue
  • UK aftercare team
  • Equipment Designed in the UK
  • Full on-site training available
  • Flexible finance options available (depending on approval)
  • Machines to suit different market segments

It’s clear to see why now is a great time is to invest in our machines. View demo videos online, download a brochure or speak to our experts.

Call: +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Why Commercial DPF Cleaning really works

We are pleased to announce that LB Commercial Vehicle Services are our newest commercial vehicle customer, who have invested in our state-of-the-art DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. This equipment has the power to perform a professional, deep clean on any type of DPF but is specifically designed for heavy commercial use. With many additional features like ergonomic assisted winch, triple filtration system, heated drying mechanism and differential pressure print outs to name a few. This is the perfect model for commercial dpf cleaning with quick turnaround times to avoid down time, which is a key aspect for commercial vehicle owners.

LB services who specialise in commercial vehicle maintenance, noticed a huge growth in DPF related issues amongst commercial vehicles around the local area of Lutterworth. Therefore, they decided to offer DPF cleaning to increase workshop revenue and save their customers the expense of fitting new DPF’s also keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum.

We are pleased to say that the company can now professionally restore all DPF’s from passenger vehicles, to commercial fleets saving their customers time and expense but also maintaining healthy profit margins.

Why is the demand rising for Commercial DPF Cleaning?

Across the U.K there are a huge number of diesel vehicles and in the commercial sector, diesels account for 97% of the engines. All diesel particulate filters will get blocked at some point and this can cause many problems throughout the vehicle from engine malfunctions to poor fuel economy. These are all major factors that can negatively affect commercial fleets that operate on thin profit margins, and that is why our DPF technology has become very popular in recent years. Many workshop do not realise how to clean a DPF, but it's relatively straight forward with our innovative equipment!

By removing blockages in the Diesel Particulate Filter can offer huge benefits for commercial vehicles:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • More cost-effective to unblock a DPF
  • Less engine vibration
  • Better engine performance
  • Increases longevity of the commercial engine
  • Lower harmful emissions

Mark from LB Commercial Vehicle Services says

“We noticed a huge opportunity for DPF Cleaning services in Lutterworth, so we decided to invest in Carbon Clean's DCS-20 Commercial machine. We were looking specifically for a suitable DPF cleaning machine so we can provide this much-needed service to our customers. I really appreciated the on-site training and tips from Ben at Carbon Clean who answered all my questions on the installation day”.

Regardless of the current economic climate, LB Commercial Vehicles Services have progressed their workshop to capitalise on this very lucrative business opportunity to clean DPFs for commercial vehicles and fleets.

Are you interested in investing in commercial DPF cleaning? We have machines to suit all types of aftermarket workshops, check out the fantastic benefits of taking the plunge:

  • 12 months standard warranty
  • UK aftercare team
  • Full on-site training available
  • Latest DPF cleaning technology
  • Designed in the UK
  • Competitive finance arranged
  • Simple and easy to use machines
  • 7 machines to suit your market segment

We have several in-depth videos demonstrating the clear features of this top-of-the-range commercial dpf cleaning machine, view our youtube channel here >

To arrange a site demo or enquire about our finance options, contact our experts:

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carbon clean centre manor park certificate

Why did Auto MOT Ltd become a Carbon Clean Centre?

We are pleased to announce that the Auto MOT Centre in Manor Park, London have come on-board as an Approved Carbon Clean Centre.

Why did they Invest into Engine Carbon Cleaning?

The team at Auto MOT Centre were experiencing a lot of vehicles coming into the garage with issues with their emissions, resulting in many MOT failures. As we are all aware London is known for its busy congested streets and short commuting habits by locals. Therefore vehicles surrounding the local garage are bound to have excessive carbon built up in their engines. This of course presented a lucrative opportunity to offer carbon removal technology to their client base. A Mechanic mentions “I’ve noticed that even the new generation vehicles have a lot of carbon built up within their engines”. With these points in mind, the team decided to invest in Carbon Cleaning to overcome these issues, help them to improve their MOT pass rate and to increase workshop revenue with a quick and easy 30-minute service.

When they came across our CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine online they knew that this would be ideal for their specific needs and requirements. The team said how they were only “looking for a machine that could remove carbon from standard sized vehicles” as they don’t tend to have many commercial customers. Our entry-level CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine was therefore the perfect fit. After talking to our experts it was clear that they recognised the benefits to becoming the official Carbon Clean Centre in Manor Park.

Benefits of our CC-14 Carbon Cleaning Machine include:

  • Lightweight & Portable- view the video demo
  • 30-minute service time for vehicles under 2litres
  • Virtually zero running costs
  • Value for money
  • Latest Wet cell technology
  • Easy to use interface
  • Set and forget feature, allowing mechanics to complete other tasks in the interim
  • High power flow
  • Warranty as standard

Becoming a Carbon Clean Centre

The Auto MOT Centre decided not only to invest in the machine alone but to become an official Carbon Clean Centre. Their team explained, “The online marketing support was impressive and something our garage can definitely benefit from”. This premium option means that they will benefit from:

  • A designated web page with online booking system
  • A Facebook business page
  • Online portal access
  • Point of sale material
  • Extended warranty
  • On-site setup and training
  • Listing on our store locator and much more!
  • View the full package here >

On-Site training and support

In our centre package we show all your workshop staff how to safely and effectively use the machines for maximum results, complete on-site engine carbon cleaning demonstrations and answer any questions or queries.

Are you interested in becoming an Approved Carbon Clean Centre and generating extra revenue to your workshop with the latest technology? We provide finance options, so view more information here, or contact our experts directly:

Call: +44 (0)203 507 0175


mechanic in a automotive workshop

Workshop Vision- Which One are You?

What Type of Automotive Workshop are you, and how can you grow?

Are you happy with your current workload and client base? Is your garage providing a healthy profit margin?

Looking to grow your business?

We’ve loosely categorized the market into 3 types of garages, all with different mindsets and also in different stages of their business life cycle…

The Happy, Go Lucky Garage

This is the garage owner who’s happy with their current revenue and profits. Happy to serve their existing clients and content with proceeding at the same rate. This garage doesn’t want any more clients but would like to increase efficiency.

Try our Parts washing machine, the HPCS-14. An easy to use method of cleaning engine components using only high-pressure air and water. Make your workshop life easier with finance from £27 per week.

The Slow Grower!

Perhaps a long-established workshop who steadily grows their services by introducing new products and services to their customers. Hoping to upsell more services to existing vehicle owners and to also attract more clients through newer equipment and up to date services.

In this case we suggest introducing 2 revenue boosting services. Engine Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning have become widely known recently for their obvious benefits providing an easy up-sell opportunity for the garage. A highly profitable and easy to perform service. Simply buy the machines and off you go!

The One on Top!

This garage has an aggressive plan to have the lions share of the local automotive market. Perhaps part of a nationwide franchise like HiQ or RAC or just a great business that’s aggressively worked to the top of the pack! This garage is constantly looking for new opportunities and unique services to stay on top of the game, with the best reputation which attracts more clients and revenue.

If you’re determined to get to the top or maintain your competitive advantage, then you need to become an approved Carbon Clean centre. As an official centre you’ll get full training and extended warranty as well as lots of digital platforms aimed at increasing awareness and attracting more clients.

We have flexible finance on all our equipment and packages to help you grow after these wild times in the automotive market!

To book an online demo/ presentation- email us

To speak to one of our experts, call +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Finance Options are available but are subject to your business circumstances and other terms and conditions.

Carbon Cleaning & Tuning, a perfect partnership

Why would a tuning company benefit from Carbon Cleaning?

The aftermarket world for car performance tuning is an incredibly competitive business – styling changes, trends come and go; it can be difficult to keep up! But at its core the quest for more power and improved performance never goes away. So how can a Carbon removal help in that quest for improved performance?

Carbon naturally builds up within the engine and also within the Diesel particulate filter. This reduces the efficiency of the engine. More so the older vehicle is, the more of an impact this can cause to the bhp. Therefore, simply doing a tune up to an engine which has already lost performance is not the ideal situation.

About 75% of fuel is wasted

Did you know that with each litre of fuel used in an engine, only around 25% is used to generate performance? The 75% approximately remaining  is said to be wasted – generating mostly heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

These carbon deposits build up over time creating obstructions within the internals of the engine. Difficult to detect – these obstructions will at a minimum result in increased fuel consumption and poor emissions – but worst of all for the enthusiastic driver, engine performance and driveability can be drastically reduced causing issues in various sections of the power train.

Independent back to back rolling road tests have shown just how much horsepower can be lost over time – in fact a McClaren 12C with 36k miles on the clock found an extra 43bhp after a 30 minute HHO clean.  This is where a Carbon Clean machine really fits a purpose for a tuning company.

One of the most popular aftermarket modifications, Stage 1 OBD remaps offer great value for money and give excellent improvements to both performance and economy. But it’s possibly one of the most cut-throat areas of the market; a lot of companies do it, some unbelievably cheap re-maps are being offered and some wild horsepower results are being made.

How can a tuning company stand out and add value to their remapping offer?

Engine Carbon Cleaning

The Carbon Clean machine will enable you to offer far more than your rivals can, with solid performance gains. Take a 2014 Golf GTi for example; 216bhp is quoted by VW as new, most tuners are quoting 300bhp from a stage 1 map. That’s a great gain but for the reasons described earlier the vast majority of ’14 plate Golf GTi’s out there are not producing the 216bhp quoted by VW anymore…but 30 mins on the CC machine and that cars performance will have been restored to close to as new, and this is before you add the 84bhp delivered by the map!

The result will be a quicker car than any of your rivals are able to produce for the same money, and one very impressed customer. And thanks to the almost zero running costs of the CC machine you can offer this package very competitively!

Hard to believe? Watch this carbon cleaning demo

Off-Car DPF Cleaning

Our machines are easy to use and will unblock any DPF on the market. In 20 minutes, high pressure air and water will remove thick carbon sludge that has built up in the DPF whether it be a passenger car, high performance vehicle or even a HGV!

This process causes your whole engine to breath better and will also definitely help with performance tuning upgrades. The full DPF restoration process is effective and thorough.

Need more conviction?

If you’re still not convinced then take a look at these great results…

AMD Tuning, Essex, UK

We sponsored the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) with our happy clients AMD, who are one of the leading tuning specialists in the UK. They also offer carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning to get better results in performance for their clients. Take a look at some of the highlights from the racetrack.

30% increase in Australia

One of our centres in Austrailia boasted some great results online too. A 2013 Isuzu Dmax 3.0 diesel came in for a tune and hydrogen carbon clean making an impressive 619 NM and 145HP that’s a massive 30% gain in torque between 1200rpm and 2500rpm great for towing and off road use!

Racing in the states

Kevin Boeckle is a track driver who runs his own workshops Near New York city. His team also recognised the benefits of carbon cleaning and have got involved in distribution also.

Take a look at this stunning racetrack beauty!


Nord Reprog based in Northern France are heavily involved in re-mapping and diagnostics. They have also invested heavily in our DPF cleaning system and also the engine carbon cleaning machines.

These are some of the many, many tuning companies all over the world who have used our technology to. Create a competitive advantage and harness better results in performance.

So our philosophy is simple, remove the current carbon residue from the within engine and or the DPFs and then any re-maping programmes will provide better car performance from tuning specialists.

You can either simply buy a machine or you can become an approved carbon clean centre which has many additional benefits, Learn More HERE.

Take a look at the range of cutting edge HHO technology HERE

Take a look at our new DPF Cleaning machines HERE

Call our UK Head Office on +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Covid-19 Pollution change

What COVID-19 has shown us…

The Surprising Impact on Carbon Emissions with COVID-19

As most of us isolated in our homes during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are changing the dynamics of our world in many different ways. It’s been an interesting time to reflect and understand some of the surprising positive impacts on our cities.

The effects of our behaviour on our planet have never been so apparent!

In Shanghai the lockdown has shut down many factories for months, leading to clear blue skies in a city submerged in constant smog. Research data shows that in February 2020 the air pollution readings were at a 6 year low.

In the UK the lockdown has created a huge disruption to everyday life as expected but will ultimately save many lives. On the plus side, we have seen a huge leap in air quality with measurements of toxic small particulate matter down (Pm) by as much as 50% in some major cities.

New Delhi has been known as one of the most polluted cities in the world! In a 2006 data study, vehicle emissions were the main contributing factor of the smog and poor air quality. However, during the countrywide lockdown in India in March 2020- the particle matter plunged by 71% in the space of 1 week! This illustration shows some shocking initial data providing an unfathomable impact on carbon emissions during the pandemic.

As the Corona Virus forces citizens from all over the world to stay at home, as you can see the positive results on the environment have been shocking.

How rapidly we can change our levels of pollution level is very encouraging.

This is why we are so passionate about carbon removal technology. Our machines are designed to safely remove stubborn carbon, soot and ash which builds up consequently in all combustion engines and diesel particulate filters.

In turn, we can lower the harmful gasses out of the tailpipe such as CO carbon Monoxide, and HC hydrocarbons both of which are toxic, to say the least to our environment. As we have seen, vehicles and traffic issues are a major factor which deteriorates the quality of the air we breathe. Blocked Diesel Particulate Filters are a big contributing factor due to incomplete regeneration which you can learn about here.

By investing in our technology, you will directly be helping to reduce harmful emissions that occur through combustion engines. So as a driver it’s clear to see the benefits to your vehicle for fuel economy, performance and of course reducing toxic exhaust emissions.

Moreover, as an automotive workshop wherever you are in the world, after this sudden pause in business you are going to need to find new ways of generating profitable revenue.

Becoming a Carbon Clean Centre poses a very lucrative business opportunity to offer carbon cleaning and DPF Cleaning to a market segment that is being pushed to think more ecologically.

To conclude, although the COVID-19 situation will become a very dark chapter in history, this period has shown us very clearly that we can change our climate is so many ways and not just dream of a better future…

If you’re interested in any of our environmentally friendly machines, then contact one of our experts.

Viking Tyres Grow their Business by becoming a Centre

The latest progressive workshop to join our network of approved Carbon Clean centres is Viking Tyres in Derbyshire. After meeting us in Automechanika Birmingham we showed them a demo at their garage, and they were impressed, to say the least! By offering Carbon Cleaning they will attract new clients yet still be able to upsell to existing customers. Equally by offering DPF cleaning they can target retail car users and also local garages who all struggle with proffesional DPF restoration services.

During the install and training day, we also showed them how they can promote their garage further with our digital marketing support, so that they have a whole package to boost their business with various different elements of modern technology.

Interested in growing your business? Then call our experts, or book a DEMO HERE

Live DPF Demonstrations in Spain

Our Head of Business Development, Ben Rudge flew out to Corona to support our large distributor in Spain, Capatest. We demonstrated the ease of using our DCS-16 to efficiently and throughly clean blocked up Diesel Particulate Filters.

As you can see from the photos, the crowd were amazed of the results and the speed of the cleaning process.

Our machines clean upto 100% of the stubborn carbon build-up which will give you these results:

  • Better Fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • A complete regeneration of the DPF
  • Less engine vibration


We have several opportunities to become a distributor, or to simply buy our machines and enjoy a lucrative business opportunity for end consumers, Email our international team HERE