How Ozone Tech helps against COVID-19

Safely Sanitize any Environment against Pathogens and COVID-19

Use the power of sanitizing ozone technology to help during this pandemic and beyond. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the spread of bacteria has become a huge worry. People are now more aware of the need for constant sanitization in all types of environments to ensure they are following Government Guidelines,to prevent the spread of deadly viruses, like Covid-19. Carbon Clean Pro Ozone Machines offer an easy answer to conveniently and deeply sterilizing vehicle interiors in a matter of minutes, as well as being effective in other environments to stop the spread of germs in schools, offices, communal areas, gyms and more.

Making personal environments cleaner and safer, our Pro-Ozone machines can be used as a safe and effective way to sanitize any environment. This will help to keep all types of environments compliant with the Government Covid-19 Guidelines

Thanks to its high oxidizing power, the Ozone treatment works well to eliminate pollutants and pathogens present in the air such as dust, gas, viruses, bacteria, mould and spores. These can be carried through air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as sticking to all kinds of surfaces such as steering wheels, dashboards, door handles, tabletops, and more.

How Ozone Technology sterilizes

The Pro-Ozone generator uses a honeycomb ceramic material discharge unit, which effectively increases the area of ozone release. Combined with a powerful turbofan to increase the output flow, the ozone can be distributed throughout the entire space to sterilize and disinfect areas a lot faster. As well as an all stainless-steel body design, it’s lightweight and at the same time enhances shock resistance, drop resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Benefits of using sanitizing ozone technology:

  • No harmful residues left after the reaction happens
  • Reaches areas which are normally neglected/hidden
  • Disinfects and eliminates odors
  • Ideal for areas subject to bacteria presence
  • Reduces harmful bacteria/viruses including Covid-19
  • Creates a clean and safe environment
  • Quick service time – Vehicles can be free from germs in under 1 hour!
  • Easy to use simple machines

The Business Opportunity

Invest in our machines from £249+VAT and offer this unique service in several different environments. Possible Ozone uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle interiors
  • Small offices/workplaces
  • Gyms
  • Property Management
  • Schools/ Public environments

We offer 4 models to suit different budgets and commercial usage.

Here’s a simple example of how an automotive workshop can offer Pro-Ozone cleans on various vehicles to generate lucrative returns while providing a valuable service to sterilize vehicle interiors.

Pro-Ozone 14

Our entry-level machine introduces a sterilization service to your automotive clients. This can be used for small spaces up to 355m²

Pro-Ozone 16

Similar to our Pro-Ozone 14 model, but increased O3 output meaning the same areas can be disinfected in a quicker time providing more commercial value.

Pro-Ozone 18

This model is ideal for larger spaces up to 100m² which means larger office spaces, communal areas as well as all vehicle interiors.

Pro-Ozone 20

The bigger the better. Our top of the range Pro-Ozone has the most ozone output of the range. Clean spaces up to 100 m² in just 30 minutes. The perfect commercial product that offers quick and thorough cleaning of vehicle interiors, offices, and other areas.

Email the team at for more information and to organise an onsite demonstration or call us direct on 0203 507 0175.

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Why Europe Needs Carbon Cleaning Technology

Carbon Cleaning Technology is needed all over the world for the automotive industry but is especially vital in Europe. Here are the main reasons and our innovative solutions!

Sheer Number of Diesel Vehicles

Europe is known for its huge proportion of diesel vehicles. Most cities within Europe are extremely busy with traffic, meaning that Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) tend to get naturally blocked a lot quicker than usual. A DPF blockage leads to an increase in exhaust emissions, poor engine performance, and causes lower fuel economy as well as other vehicle issues. Unfortunately for diesel vehicle owners, a brand-new DPF will be very expensive. Alternatively, the vehicle owner can have it cleaned professionally for a tenth of the price of replacing one.

To tackle this ever-growing problem, Carbon Clean offer a range of DPF cleaning machines which are made to remove soot/ash from DPF’s from any type of diesel engine. Our range consists of four different models including:

DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine – Designed to accommodate most domestic car DPFs, to perform a complete filter restoration. Watch a demo

DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine – Suitable for light commercial vehicles equipped with a range of accessories to tackle most DPFs in the car park.

DCS-18 DPF Cleaning Machine – Offers pneumatic cleaning for Euro 6 DPFs. This new feature only uses air from a high-pressure nozzle that is applied to each element of the DPF allowing a detailed clean.

DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine – Equipped to efficiently handle any domestic or commercial DPF ranging to even boats and motorbikes, with some notable added features. #dcs16

City Driving

All major cities in Europe are now busy and overloaded with excessive traffic. Many city dwellers never venture out of the city and therefore this causes their Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) to become blocked. Our range can perform a deep clean and our equipment is so easy to use, learn how to clean a DPF.

Fuel Quality

Petrol vehicles also develop issues throughout Europe, as some parts of Europe cannot afford the quality of fuel. Therefore, fuel concentration is lower than it should be, severely affecting quality. This means that carbon builds up a lot quicker for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Insufficient petrol or diesel in a vehicle causes incomplete combustion which leads to even more carbon build up as a result.

High heat is also a key factor which makes countries suffer more than others when it comes to carbon build up. Hotter climates lead to higher carbon build up due to lack of air consumption.

Having been proven to successfully and effectively remove carbon, our range of Carbon cleaning machines are the ideal solution for the European automotive industry. Offering this service means…

  • You can increase your revenue
  • Introduce effective Carbon Cleaning technology
  • You can save your customers money
  • Your able to boost customer satisfaction

With a range of three different models we can cater for all garages that are looking to add the popular engine carbon cleaning method to their offering. Our range consists of…

CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine – The go to machine for carbon cleaning smaller vehicles such as cars under 2 litres, motorbikes and small boats. The compact, lightweight machine is the ideal solution for mobile operators or workshops with space restrictions.

CC-16 Carbon Clean Machine – Our mid-range machine which offers more scope for larger engines, boats and light commercial vehicles. Watch a Demo

CC-18 Carbon Clean Machine – Our heavy-duty machine is designed for commercial and industrial engines and equipped with some notable added features. This super powerful machine allows vehicles to be carbon cleaned in no time.

Wherever your from in Europe, our machines of Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning machines can prove to be a lucrative business opportunity which aims at all different vehicle users to solve a big problem in the industry.

Email the team at for more information and to organise an onsite demonstration or call us direct on 0203 507 0175.

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Ukraine Auto Show that Carbon Clean attended

Driving Business in Kiev

Demonstrating Carbon Cleaning in Europe

Our Carbon Clean team exhibited at this year’s Auto Tech Service Show in Kiev, Ukraine. Driving the business forward and increasing interest in the European region. The Auto Tech Service Show is an international exhibition for automotive services. It’s one of the best Ukrainian aftermarket B2B event that provides the latest workshop innovations for the region every year. Our new Pro-Ozone sanitization machines which helps reduce COVID-19 were very popular this year as you can imagine, view the range online.

As specialists within the automotive industry, our team exhibited at the event held in August 2020, showcasing our easy to use DPF and Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines, which remove carbon build-up and soot from passenger and commercial vehicles. As we know, Carbon Cleaning is needed in Europe for many reasons, which you can read about here.

The benefits of removing carbon from various parts of the engine and DPF are:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower Harmful Emissions
  • Restored Engine Performance
  • Healthier Engine

The show was organised in a safe and professional way, following Covid-19 guidelines. It was a pleasure to speak to so many workshop owners in Europe, who are still pushing business forwards in the automotive industry.

So whether you have an independent workshop or looking for distribution opportunities in the area, we have a wide range of products to suit your business.

Call our team on +44 (0) 203 507 0175 or email

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mechanic in a automotive workshop

Workshop Vision- Which One are You?

What Type of Automotive Workshop are you, and how can you grow?

Are you happy with your current workload and client base? Is your garage providing a healthy profit margin?

Looking to grow your business?

We’ve loosely categorized the market into 3 types of garages, all with different mindsets and also in different stages of their business life cycle…

The Happy, Go Lucky Garage

This is the garage owner who’s happy with their current revenue and profits. Happy to serve their existing clients and content with proceeding at the same rate. This garage doesn’t want any more clients but would like to increase efficiency.

Try our Parts washing machine, the HPCS-14. An easy to use method of cleaning engine components using only high-pressure air and water. Make your workshop life easier with finance from £27 per week.

The Slow Grower!

Perhaps a long-established workshop who steadily grows their services by introducing new products and services to their customers. Hoping to upsell more services to existing vehicle owners and to also attract more clients through newer equipment and up to date services.

In this case we suggest introducing 2 revenue boosting services. Engine Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning have become widely known recently for their obvious benefits providing an easy up-sell opportunity for the garage. A highly profitable and easy to perform service. Simply buy the machines and off you go!

The One on Top!

This garage has an aggressive plan to have the lions share of the local automotive market. Perhaps part of a nationwide franchise like HiQ or RAC or just a great business that’s aggressively worked to the top of the pack! This garage is constantly looking for new opportunities and unique services to stay on top of the game, with the best reputation which attracts more clients and revenue.

If you’re determined to get to the top or maintain your competitive advantage, then you need to become an approved Carbon Clean centre. As an official centre you’ll get full training and extended warranty as well as lots of digital platforms aimed at increasing awareness and attracting more clients.

We have flexible finance on all our equipment and packages to help you grow after these wild times in the automotive market!

To book an online demo/ presentation- email us

To speak to one of our experts, call +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Finance Options are available but are subject to your business circumstances and other terms and conditions.

Removing Carbon

The World of Carbon Cleaning

Cleaning Engine Carbon and helping lower harmful emissions…

Take a look into what makes our company’s mission special! Some of team explain the operations and benefits of HHO Cleaning and also DPF cleaning and how automotive workshop can benefit from this effective service.
Carbon build-up causes all types of issues from passenger cars to Heavy goods vehicles and many other combustion engines. Using Oxy-hydrogen our machines target soot and ash buildup deep inside a combustion engine in a safe and non-evasive way.

We’re proud that our range of machines solve such issues and also helps the environment by reducing harmful emissions which are emitted from poorly serviced engines where carbon has built up over the years

Interested in this concept? Why not become an approved centre…

To find out how to create a new business revenue stream, contact our experts:

Telephone +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Carbon Cleaning & Tuning, a perfect partnership


Why would a tuning company benefit from Carbon Cleaning?

The aftermarket world for car performance tuning is an incredibly competitive business – styling changes, trends come and go; it can be difficult to keep up! But at its core the quest for more power and improved performance never goes away. So how can a Carbon removal help in that quest for improved performance?

Carbon naturally builds up within the engine and also within the Diesel particulate filter. This reduces the efficiency of the engine. More so the older vehicle is, the more of an impact this can cause to the bhp. Therefore, simply doing a tune up to an engine which has already lost performance is not the ideal situation.

About 75% of fuel is wasted

Did you know that with each litre of fuel used in an engine, only around 25% is used to generate performance? The 75% approximately remaining  is said to be wasted – generating mostly heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

These carbon deposits build up over time creating obstructions within the internals of the engine. Difficult to detect – these obstructions will at a minimum result in increased fuel consumption and poor emissions – but worst of all for the enthusiastic driver, engine performance and driveability can be drastically reduced causing issues in various sections of the power train.

Independent back to back rolling road tests have shown just how much horsepower can be lost over time – in fact a McClaren 12C with 36k miles on the clock found an extra 43bhp after a 30 minute HHO clean.  This is where a Carbon Clean machine really fits a purpose for a tuning company.

One of the most popular aftermarket modifications, Stage 1 OBD remaps offer great value for money and give excellent improvements to both performance and economy. But it's possibly one of the most cut-throat areas of the market; a lot of companies do it, some unbelievably cheap re-maps are being offered and some wild horsepower results are being made.

How can a tuning company stand out and add value to their remapping offer?

Engine Carbon Cleaning

The Carbon Clean machine will enable you to offer far more than your rivals can, with solid performance gains. Take a 2014 Golf GTi for example; 216bhp is quoted by VW as new, most tuners are quoting 300bhp from a stage 1 map. That’s a great gain but for the reasons described earlier the vast majority of ’14 plate Golf GTi’s out there are not producing the 216bhp quoted by VW anymore…but 30 mins on the CC machine and that cars performance will have been restored to close to as new, and this is before you add the 84bhp delivered by the map!

The result will be a quicker car than any of your rivals are able to produce for the same money, and one very impressed customer. And thanks to the almost zero running costs of the CC machine you can offer this package very competitively!

Hard to believe? Watch this carbon cleaning demo

Off-Car DPF Cleaning

Our machines are easy to use and will unblock any DPF on the market. In 20 minutes, high pressure air and water will remove thick carbon sludge that has built up in the DPF whether it be a passenger car, high performance vehicle or even a HGV!

This process causes your whole engine to breath better and will also definitely help with performance tuning upgrades. The full DPF restoration process is effective and thorough.

Need more conviction?

If you’re still not convinced then take a look at these great results…

AMD Tuning, Essex, UK

We sponsored the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) with our happy clients AMD, who are one of the leading tuning specialists in the UK. They also offer carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning to get better results in performance for their clients. Take a look at some of the highlights from the racetrack.

30% increase in Australia

One of our centres in Austrailia boasted some great results online too. A 2013 Isuzu Dmax 3.0 diesel came in for a tune and hydrogen carbon clean making an impressive 619 NM and 145HP that’s a massive 30% gain in torque between 1200rpm and 2500rpm great for towing and off road use!

Racing in the states

Kevin Boeckle is a track driver who runs his own workshops Near New York city. His team also recognised the benefits of carbon cleaning and have got involved in distribution also.

Take a look at this stunning racetrack beauty!


Nord Reprog based in Northern France are heavily involved in re-mapping and diagnostics. They have also invested heavily in our DPF cleaning system and also the engine carbon cleaning machines.

These are some of the many, many tuning companies all over the world who have used our technology to. Create a competitive advantage and harness better results in performance.

So our philosophy is simple, remove the current carbon residue from the within engine and or the DPFs and then any re-maping programmes will provide better car performance from tuning specialists.

You can either simply buy a machine or you can become an approved carbon clean centre which has many additional benefits, Learn More HERE.

Take a look at the range of cutting edge HHO technology HERE

Take a look at our new DPF Cleaning machines HERE

Call our UK Head Office on +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Covid-19 Pollution change

What COVID-19 has shown us…

The Global Corona Virus

As most of us isolate in our homes during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are changing the dynamics of our world in many different ways. It’s been an interesting time to reflect and understand some of the surprising positive impacts to our cities.

The effects of our behaviour on our planet have never been so apparent!

In Shanghai the lockdown has shut down many factories for months, leading to clear blue skies in a city used to constant smog. Research data shows that in February 2020 the air pollution readings were at a 6 year low.

In the UK the lockdown has created huge disruption to everyday life as expected but will ultimately save many lives. On the plus side we have seen a huge leap in air quality with measurements of toxic small particulate matter down (Pm) by as much as 50% in some major cities.

New Delhi has been known as one of the most polluted cities in the world! In a 2006 data study, vehicle emissions were the main contributing factor of the smog and poor air quality. However, during the country wide lockdown in India in March 2020- the particle matter plunged by 71% in the space of 1 week! This illustration shows some shocking graphs of data.

As the Corona Virus forces citizens from all over the world to stay at home, as you can see the positive results on the environment have been shocking.

How rapidly we can change our levels of pollution level is very encouraging.

This is why carbon Clean are so passionate about carbon removal technology. Our machines are designed to safely remove stubborn carbon, soot and ash which builds up consequently in all combustion engines and diesel particulate filters.

In turn we can lower the Harmful gasses out of the tail pipe such as CO carbon Monoxide, and HC hydrocarbons both of which are toxic to say the least to our environment. As we have seen, vehicles and traffic issues are a major factor which deteriorates the quality of air we breathe.

By investing in our technology, you will directly be helping to reduce harmful emissions that occur through combustion engines. So as a driver its clear to see the benefits to your vehicle for fuel economy, performance and of course reducing toxic exhaust emissions.

Moreover, as an automotive workshop wherever you are in the world, after this sudden pause in business you are going to need to find new ways of generating profitable revenue.

Becoming a Carbon Clean Centre poses a very lucrative business opportunity to offer carbon cleaning and DPF Cleaning to a market segment that is being pushed to think more ecologically.

To conclude, although the COVID-19 situation will become a very dark chapter in history, this period has showed us very clearly that we can change our climate is so many ways and not just dream of a better future…

If you’re interested in any of our environmentally friendly machines, then contact one of our experts.

Garage Wire Visit our Head Quarters

Find out what Industry Experts, Garage Wire thought of our equipment. The team visited our head quarters in London to find out about our high quality Carbon Removal Machines. As the Garage Wire team realise, Carbon build up is a serious problem that is not commonly known amongst the public and commercial automotive sector.

Our range of machines can effectively remove stubborn carbon from various parts of the engine and DPFs leading to a healthier, fuel efficient engine. Want to grow your business?

Being in business for many years we have developed strong business relations in the UK and throughout the world. We’re proud to be supplying our Carbon Cleaning machines to over 21 countries which is a true testament to the quality of our service and machines!

To find out what machine is right for your garage, get in touch with our experts: Tel: +44 (0) 203 507 0175 Lines Open: 9am – 5.30pm | Mon to Fri Email:

India Steps up Emission Regulations with BS-VI

The Carbon Clean team were at the Auto Expo2020 show in Delhi, promoting ways to reduce carbon. As part of the UK delegation with the SMMT, we were thrilled to meet so many influencers in the Indian Automotive sector. It was positive to see so many initiatives to reduce carbon emissions within the country.

The Indian government have been keen to tackle the issues of pollution in the country. Specifically they will be implementing BS-VI DPF into commercial vehicles from April 2020, which means that all new vehicles will meet need to meet the new requirements. This is equivilent of the Euro-6 DPF prevelent in Europe.

This move should reduce the carbon emissions which are emitted from these heavy-duty vehicles which account for a large part of the ground transportation in India.

This also creates a huge opportunity for our carbon removal machines. Specifically our DCS range offers deep cleaning of blocked DPF which will be in high demand as these new BS-VI vehicles will innevitable get blocked over the coming months and years.

We have a range of machines which off off-car DPF cleaning as well as on-car engine carbon cleaning suitable for all types of vehicles.

The benefits of removing carbon from various parts of the engine and DPF are:

  • Beter fuel economy
  • Lower Harmful Emissions
  • Restored Engine Performance
  • Healthier Engine

Our products are easy to use and do not incorporate any harsh chemicals.

We welcome distribution and other business enquiries,
Speak to our team on +44 (0) 203 507 0175

Download a brochure here

VW World Chooses Carbon Clean

We’re delighted to set up an approved Carbon Clean centre in Stockport at VW World’s garage. Based in Stockport they specialise in all types of German vehicles, and are passionate about engine performance and maintenance.

To add to their services they have chosen to be an official centre offering Engine carbon cleaning to restore the performance and improve fuel economy and health of the vehicles. As part of their unique package they will receive digital marketing support, merchandise, full training and warranty plus many more benefits from Carbon Clean Head Office. So if you love your German vehicles and want to unlock the full potential from performance enhancements to a bodywork improvements, and ofcourse carbon removal, then book your vehicle into their garage.

So if you’re interested in growing your business and attracting new customers from passenger car drivers to fleet owners, then contact our experts or click HERE for more centre information.

Arrange a Demo in the UK
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VW World installed our powerful CC-16 HHO Carbon Cleaning machine which can clean all types of combusion engines including:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Vans
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Boats

To find out how a simple 30 minute service can generate more customers to your business from regular car owners to full blown fleets, then contact our experts.