3 reasons why carbon cleaning is the way forward for your business

Engine carbon cleaning is becoming increasingly popular within the UK and abroad. With many drivers realising just how much difference an engine carbon clean makes to their vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy as well as the pressure for vehicles to become more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to expand the vehicle services your workshop offers, to include carbon cleaning too. Our Global Product Manager, Ben has listed 3 reasons why carbon cleaning is the way forward for your business.

1. Increased Awareness & Demand

Carbon cleaning has been around for years, but it’s only recently that drivers have really started to become familiar with the service and the benefits it offers to their vehicle. With an increase in awareness, carbon cleaning has become incredibly popular with drivers wanting better fuel economy, better performance, a greener engine and also improved longevity of engine components. This means that by investing in an Engine Carbon Clean Machine you can attract a new client segment and offer an up-and-coming service to local drivers.

2. Unlimited Earning Potential

When investing in our engine carbon cleaning technology, only the sky is the limit! There are thousands of pounds to be made just by offering this simple 30-minute service in your workshop. In fact, by completing just 4 carbon cleans per day, you can generate over £100,000 extra revenue per year. This is a completely game changer for workshops who want to take their business to the next level. Any combustion vehicle will suffer from carbon build-up, so your potential market is huge, ranging from passenger cars to commercial fleets to even agricultural vehicles.

3. Quick and Easy Operation

There are many services you can offer at your workshop. However, some of which can be incredibly labour intensive. What makes carbon cleaning the perfect investment is the fact that our technology is very easy to set up with even a set and forget feature. This quick 30 minute service will generate around £99 for every service completed and the running costs are near zero! Carbon cleaning is often referred to as an easy and quick money-making service which can drastically improve revenue figures.

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Top Business Opportunity in 2022

The nationwide business, My Engine Carbon Cleaner, powered by Carbon Clean UK has helped independent Engineers and workshops generate a good amount of extra revenue.

The business model which was launched a few years ago, allows drivers to choose from a network of specialist Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning Engineers/ Workshops to provide them with different types of carbon removal techniques and other vehicle services.

The aim of the business is to direct drivers to their local Engineer or Workshop so they can get their vehicle serviced locally, conveniently and for a great price.

Many of their Engineers have spoken out to say ‘what a life changing business this has become for them’ and have said how it’s helped them to ‘take home up to £5k per month in peak periods’.

Whilst UK Workshops have also benefited from the new business model, with local drivers getting referred to them if they need a carbon clean or DPF clean in their area. The digital marketing has been a key component to drive leads and online traffic to the booking sites which generate many enquiries every month.

The network is made up of a team of Mobile Engineers and multiple Approved Carbon Clean Centres, with hope to expand even further in the next upcoming months and years.

The earning potential that this opportunity offers is exceptional, and many centres and Engineers who joined the network are amazed by how much extra revenue they are able to make. In fact, some of the Engineers who have joined the network this year, are comfortable with this being their only income stream.

With full training and support this new business has attracted people from all types of backgrounds and industries. The engineers can work the hours they want and build the business at their own rate.

An initial start up package is available for those who would like to come on board and form part of the network whether that be as a Mobile Engineer or an Approved Centre. The package is referred to as a ‘complete business in a box’. With the on-boarding package you have everything you need to kick start your new business venture from the best-in-class engine carbon cleaning/DPF cleaning technology, promotional assets, branded uniform, exclusive web and store listings, client portal access, official certification, digital marketing support and more.

Brand license and specialist training is also available. As well as warranty and servicing for your technology – however terms and conditions do apply.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your income, or workshop revenue contact the team at My Engine Carbon Cleaner today to find out more. There are still selected areas available across the UK.

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DPFS Restoring VS Replacing

DPF restoration/ cleaning is the way forward for the automotive industry. Why? Because it is more environmentally friendly, and ultimately it can save your customers up to thousands of pounds.

As we all know, DPF blockages are inevitable due to the build-up of carbon residue after each DPF regeneration. Diesel vehicle owners have no other choice but to solve their DPF issues to avoid other long-term damage to engine components. Most of the time they are led to believe that their only option is to get their DPF replaced, which can cost up to thousands of pounds. Diesel Particulate Filters are very expensive because they are constructed with precious metals, however, DPF cleaning can also solve DPF blockages but for a fraction of price.

DPFs are actually built very well and can endure heavy commercial use. Therefore, you just need to find a non-invasive way of cleaning and restoring the filter. Carbon Clean offer several ways of cleaning DPFs. You can either have regular on-car DPF cleans which are less labour intensive or if the DPF is severely blocked you can have an off-vehicle deep service which means the DPF is physically removed from the vehicle and cleaned with specialist equipment.

The actual cost comparison is unbelievable. A typical Nissan Qashqai genuine new DPF will cost around £1,500 but cleaning a DPF with our technology will cost only £150 + vat plus labour. This huge difference for the same results in the end, is the reason why our technology has become so popular over the last 8 years.

DPF Cleaning results

New DPF Filter

This is why many UK workshops tend to take the plunge and invest in DPF cleaning rather than replace DPF’s for customers as the benefits speak for themselves for both the workshop and the customer.

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Carbon Clean UK Become an Approved Supplier to Babcock International

We are pleased to announce that Carbon Clean UK are an approved supplier to Babcock International.

Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities. They focus on three highly regulated markets – defence, emergency services and civil nuclear, delivering vital services and managing complex assets in the UK and internationally.

The business has a variety of contracts in place with MET Police, London Fire Brigade, Heathrow Airport, Ministry of Defence, Civil Nuclear and more. Whereby it is Babcock’s soul responsibility to maintain and service all the vehicles owned by each of these businesses.

What Does Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International Mean for Carbon Clean UK? 

Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International means that all departments within Babcock can purchase any type of automotive environmental technology from us without any hassle. We are set up on Babcock’s system as an official supplier of theirs, therefore this makes it easier for all departments within the business to purchase any type of automotive equipment from us.

Carbon Clean UK are incredibly proud to have been put onto the critical services database. As this means that any business which provides vehicle maintenance to any type of vehicle within critical services such as Ambulances, can purchase automotive equipment from us.

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Latest Innovation | Ground-breaking Carbon Removal Technology

Carbon Clean have taken carbon removal to a whole new level with our latest innovation. We have implemented ground-breaking additional features and refinements to develop the ultimate carbon cleaning technology.

Our brand-new CC-20 Series combines state of the art technologies with oxyhydrogen for the engine and DPF Smart Clean for the cleaning of DPF’s. Both techniques are off-ramp and take just a matter of minutes to complete with this new equipment.
Our new range allows one single engineer to easily and safely perform a Carbon Clean or a DPF Clean all from one single unit. This means that less money is spent on equipment and less labour time is needed too which is a win, win for many workshops.
The CC-20 Series includes two models including our CC-26 and CC-28 Carbon Clean Machines.

What’s the difference between the two machines?

The CC-26 is ideal for the passenger market to clean vehicle engines from 1-4 litres. Whereas the CC-28 is the ideal investment for commercial workshops as it accommodates all engines from 4-16 + litres. Both units benefit from the same fantastic features and benefits including:

  • New and increased power to the electrolytic tanks for increased oxyhydrogen production
  • Cleans DPF Filters and includes DPF Smart Clean technology
  • Flexiscope; a flexible borescope for high resolution visual inspection of the engine interior
  • RAID technology so, should a cell fail, gas production will be unaffected at up to 1800 litres/hour!
  • Multi-user interface

Why your Workshop should invest in our new carbon removal technology

Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning has been proven to help workshops to generate more revenue. With this in mind, using one single unit which can perform both services allow you to perform both services using one piece of equipment rather than having to buy a Carbon Clean Machine and a separate DPF Cleaning Machine.

Both services are incredibly popular. DPF’s will always get blocked on diesel vehicles, therefore being able to perform a DPF Clean at your premises ensure that you always have a service to offer your customers.
Carbon Cleaning has also become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. With many drivers now understanding the huge positive impact carbon cleaning their engine can make. In fact, most drivers that are made aware of the benefits of a Carbon Clean tend to opt for one to simply ensure the best maintenance for their vehicle.

Are you interested in finding out more about our CC-20 Series? Click here to view the full features and benefits.

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Carbon Clean Get Back into The Swing of Exhibitions

Carbon Clean have recently been back into the swing of exhibitions since the pandemic. We recently exhibited at one of the largest and most comprehensive automotive events in Britain.

The Commercial Vehicle Show is designed to get all likeminded professionals, and decision makers who are part of the commercial automotive sector together for a few days to showcase new and upcoming equipment which may be beneficial to their business. Whilst also providing relevant information for the industry.


At the show we showcased a range of our automotive environmental technology including:

Carbon Clean get back into the swing of exhibitions and we definitely enjoyed it. All of our equipment gained a fantastic response from the visitors at the show. If, unfortunately you wasn’t at the show you can view our wide range of products online at carbon-clean.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can contact our team direct to find out more about our automotive environmental technology.

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New Super Deduction Scheme

New Super Deduction Scheme for workshops

Benefits of the new Government Supertax Deduction scheme

The covid-19 pandemic has left many workshops struggling to invest in the new machinery that they require. However, in this year’s budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced an amazing new scheme to enable workshops to benefit from new equipment purchases and offset their tax liabilities.

Super Deduction Scheme Explained

In the past businesses have been able to claim capital allowances when they purchase new equipment. The value of such equipment gets deducted from your profits meaning you will save money on your tax bill.

However, this new Super deduction scheme for workshops is now even more attractive, allowing you to offset 130% of the asset value against the taxable profit in that first year. That’s around a saving of 25p for every £1 you spend.

From the 1st April 2021 right up till 31st March 2023 you’ll be able to claim this higher tax relief.

Who can benefit from Super Deduction?

The supertax deduction scheme is not only workshops but will cover many different businesses, industries and sectors. The great news is that it covers this sector but there are a few rules:
• It only applies to UK businesses that are subject to corporation tax. Sole traders and partnerships are therefore not included.
• Businesses that intend to keep the newly bought equipment
• Purchases must be bought in cash, HP or through a loan from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2023

This covers the basics but should you need further info, contact our team or your business accountant.

What equipment can I purchase?

According to HMRC this scheme applies to plant and machinery. The great news is that it covers a huge range of our products from DPF Cleaning machines to engine carbon cleaning machines to other essential equipment that a progressive workshop needs.

Just to also note that the following equipment will not fall under the new scheme:
• Second-hand or used equipment
• Cars
• Integral features and long term assets like lighting systems etc

Hire purchase agreements do qualify however they must fall within the two-year period.

Real equipment examples

The exciting news is that you can save thousands off brand new, top of the range equipment with Carbon Clean. Here are just a few examples.

The official calculation is:
Your effective saving = Cost of equipment x 1.3 x 0.19
Every £1 you spend you will save around 25p, it’s that simple!

So it’s clear to see that now is an amazing time to develop your business and invest in better equipment for a fraction of the normal price.
Contact our experts for further information. We can also assist you with finance should you need this option.

You can check all the official documentation too here: