India Steps up Emission Regulations with BS-VI

The Carbon Clean team were at the Auto Expo2020 show in Delhi, promoting ways to reduce carbon. As part of the UK delegation with the SMMT, we were thrilled to meet so many influencers in the Indian Automotive sector. It was positive to see so many initiatives to reduce carbon emissions within the country.

The Indian government have been keen to tackle the issues of pollution in the country. Specifically they will be implementing BS-VI DPF into commercial vehicles from April 2020, which means that all new vehicles will meet need to meet the new requirements. This is equivilent of the Euro-6 DPF prevelent in Europe.

This move should reduce the carbon emissions which are emitted from these heavy-duty vehicles which account for a large part of the ground transportation in India.

This also creates a huge opportunity for our carbon removal machines. Specifically our DCS range offers deep cleaning of blocked DPF which will be in high demand as these new BS-VI vehicles will innevitable get blocked over the coming months and years.

We have a range of machines which off off-car DPF cleaning as well as on-car engine carbon cleaning suitable for all types of vehicles.

The benefits of removing carbon from various parts of the engine and DPF are:

  • Beter fuel economy
  • Lower Harmful Emissions
  • Restored Engine Performance
  • Healthier Engine

Our products are easy to use and do not incorporate any harsh chemicals.

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