carbon clean centre manor park certificate

Why did Auto MOT Ltd become a Carbon Clean Centre?

We are pleased to announce that the Auto MOT Centre in Manor Park, London have come on-board as an Approved Carbon Clean Centre.

Why did they Invest into Engine Carbon Cleaning?

The team at Auto MOT Centre were experiencing a lot of vehicles coming into the garage with issues with their emissions, resulting in many MOT failures. As we are all aware London is known for its busy congested streets and short commuting habits by locals. Therefore vehicles surrounding the local garage are bound to have excessive carbon built up in their engines. This of course presented a lucrative opportunity to offer carbon removal technology to their client base. A Mechanic mentions “I’ve noticed that even the new generation vehicles have a lot of carbon built up within their engines”. With these points in mind, the team decided to invest in Carbon Cleaning to overcome these issues, help them to improve their MOT pass rate and to increase workshop revenue with a quick and easy 30-minute service.

When they came across our CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine online they knew that this would be ideal for their specific needs and requirements. The team said how they were only “looking for a machine that could remove carbon from standard sized vehicles” as they don’t tend to have many commercial customers. Our entry-level CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine was therefore the perfect fit. After talking to our experts it was clear that they recognised the benefits to becoming the official Carbon Clean Centre in Manor Park.

Benefits of our CC-14 Carbon Cleaning Machine include:

  • Lightweight & Portable- view the video demo
  • 30-minute service time for vehicles under 2litres
  • Virtually zero running costs
  • Value for money
  • Latest Wet cell technology
  • Easy to use interface
  • Set and forget feature, allowing mechanics to complete other tasks in the interim
  • High power flow
  • Warranty as standard

Becoming a Carbon Clean Centre

The Auto MOT Centre decided not only to invest in the machine alone but to become an official Carbon Clean Centre. Their team explained, “The online marketing support was impressive and something our garage can definitely benefit from”. This premium option means that they will benefit from:

  • A designated web page with online booking system
  • A Facebook business page
  • Online portal access
  • Point of sale material
  • Extended warranty
  • On-site setup and training
  • Listing on our store locator and much more!
  • View the full package here >

On-Site training and support

In our centre package we show all your workshop staff how to safely and effectively use the machines for maximum results, complete on-site engine carbon cleaning demonstrations and answer any questions or queries.

Are you interested in becoming an Approved Carbon Clean Centre and generating extra revenue to your workshop with the latest technology? We provide finance options, so view more information here, or contact our experts directly:

Call: +44 (0)203 507 0175