Autolec Become a Carbon Clean Centre

Providing a wide range of services is a key part of owning a garage, you’re able to branch out and ensure you’re giving your customers exactly what they need! 

Being able to offer Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning services gives your customers a service where they can improve their engine health and also save money on DPF replacements. 

If you want to hear all about our recent trip to the Shetland Islands, then keep reading, because we’re going to tell you all about how a garage there invested in our carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning technology.

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The Install

Recently, we headed off to visit a fantastic garage and repair shop in the Shetland Islands, called Autolec! Specialising in vehicle electrical repairs, this company decided to venture out and offer both Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning services to their customers. 

This wonderful company based in the Shetland Islands found their customers to have one very common problem, carbon build-up and DPF problems! 

The island is a smaller part of Scotland and because of this, drivers were unable to get their vehicle’s up to the correct running temperatures that complete DPF regeneration. This led to a huge rise in the need for DPF cleaning within the area. 

This meant, investing in DPF cleaning equipment made complete business sense for the local repair shop. Not only will they now be able to clean their customers DPF’s and solve their DPF problems, but they’ll also be able to get rid of carbon build-up from their engines too. 

The product

The workshop decided to invest in our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine. This product is a great option for working on light vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks and more. 

It’s equipped with a wide range of accessories to tackle most DPFs you’d find in an ordinary car park. Not only that, but you also get some fantastic features alongside it too! 

A pressure gauge, an emergency stop button, a waste outlet chamber and so much more. This is a top-of-the-range purchase for anyone looking to clean DPFs. 

This company in the Shetland Islands also purchased the CC14 Pro to deal with carbon build-up on different engines. It’s a lightweight and mobile machine, perfect for removing up to 100% of carbon build-up from almost any type of vehicle engine. 

You’ll also find you have almost no operating costs when owning this machine, which is one of the many reasons workshops tend to invest in it! 

If you’re anything like the local repair shop in Shetland Island and you want to figure out ways to make sure you’re keeping up with your customer’s needs, feel free to contact our team to discuss how you can invest in our carbon or DPF cleaning technology. 

We can almost guarantee that once you invest, you won’t look back! Call our team on 0203 507 0175 or email

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