Carbon Clean UK Become an Approved Supplier to Babcock International

We are pleased to announce that Carbon Clean UK are an approved supplier to Babcock International.

Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities. They focus on three highly regulated markets – defence, emergency services and civil nuclear, delivering vital services and managing complex assets in the UK and internationally.

The business has a variety of contracts in place with MET Police, London Fire Brigade, Heathrow Airport, Ministry of Defence, Civil Nuclear and more. Whereby it is Babcock’s soul responsibility to maintain and service all the vehicles owned by each of these businesses.

What Does Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International Mean for Carbon Clean UK? 

Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International means that all departments within Babcock can purchase any type of automotive environmental technology from us without any hassle. We are set up on Babcock’s system as an official supplier of theirs, therefore this makes it easier for all departments within the business to purchase any type of automotive equipment from us.

Carbon Clean UK are incredibly proud to have been put onto the critical services database. As this means that any business which provides vehicle maintenance to any type of vehicle within critical services such as Ambulances, can purchase automotive equipment from us.

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