Carbon cleaning on a Porsche engine

Carbon cleaning a Porsche engine for amazing results

Established in 2016, Carbon Clean have been providing the automotive industry with professional, high-quality HHO machines that perform, and exceed expectations. In the last 4 years we have helped businesses and drivers to understand carbon cleaning technology. We've demonstrated how effective our machines are at removing carbon for all different engines such as passenger vehicles right up to commercial fleets. We have hundreds of happy clients and know the perfect way in carbon cleaning an engine to get amazing results.

Restoring Power to a Porsche 996 Turbo

Joel Newman, a customer of our carbon cleaning service was just one of many clients that has experienced the world of carbon cleaning first-hand. Joel had a lovely Porsche 996 Turbo and wanted to make sure the car was as powerful as it could be.

"I've read a lot about the benefits of having your engine carbon cleaned which is a great way to clean the engine internals without disassembly" After some initial research online he found us on social media and mentioned, "Carbon Clean was a firm that had many positive reviews on social media which is why I was encouraged to contact your team".
Carbon Clean Customer

We helped Joel to understand the benefits of carbon cleaning an engine, and educated him on how this service is perfect for improving vehicles performance, fuel efficiency and engine health.

Our machines don’t pump engines full of chemicals that shouldn’t be in there like many competitors’ machines do. The oxyhydrogen (HHO) process allows complete, layered, total combustion of the carbon deposits without leaving anything unburnt in the pistons, cylinders, valves or exhaust system that can cause issues later down the line.

The clear results of our Carbon Cleaning technology

Shortly after the initial conversation, Joel was referred to a local Carbon Clean Centre in Hainault where his car was carbon cleaned by our CC-16 machine. 30 minutes was all it took for the engine to be revived. Joel was impressed by the instant results he could see in black and white by the before and after results print out from a simple gas emissions test.
After a test drive following the Carbon removal service, Joel was overwhelmed with ‘how freer it felt to rev, how much more settled it's resting idle was, and how smooth downshifts felt, with no pause or hesitation’. He couldn’t believe it when he saw the factual results:
• MPG boosted by 7% over the past 250 miles
• CO emissions cut by 52%
• Hydro-carbon emissions cut by 48%
• O2 emissions reduced by 66.67%

The Clear Benefits of Carbon Cleaning an Engine:

• Restored engine performance
• Better fuel economy
• Lower harmful emissions
• Less engine vibration
• Improved throttle response

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