Why Europe Needs Carbon Cleaning Technology

Carbon Cleaning Technology is needed all over the world for the automotive industry but is especially vital in Europe. Here are the main reasons and our innovative solutions!

Sheer Number of Diesel Vehicles

Europe is known for its huge proportion of diesel vehicles. Most cities within Europe are extremely busy with traffic, meaning that Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) tend to get naturally blocked a lot quicker than usual. A DPF blockage leads to an increase in exhaust emissions, poor engine performance, and causes lower fuel economy as well as other vehicle issues. Unfortunately for diesel vehicle owners, a brand-new DPF will be very expensive. Alternatively, the vehicle owner can have it cleaned professionally for a tenth of the price of replacing one.

To tackle this ever-growing problem, Carbon Clean offer a range of DPF cleaning machines which are made to remove soot/ash from DPF’s from any type of diesel engine. Our range consists of four different models including:

DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine – Designed to accommodate most domestic car DPFs, to perform a complete filter restoration. Watch a demo

DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine – Suitable for light commercial vehicles equipped with a range of accessories to tackle most DPFs in the car park.

DCS-18 DPF Cleaning Machine – Offers pneumatic cleaning for Euro 6 DPFs. This new feature only uses air from a high-pressure nozzle that is applied to each element of the DPF allowing a detailed clean.

DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine – Equipped to efficiently handle any domestic or commercial DPF ranging to even boats and motorbikes, with some notable added features. #dcs16

City Driving

All major cities in Europe are now busy and overloaded with excessive traffic. Many city dwellers never venture out of the city and therefore this causes their Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) to become blocked. Our range can perform a deep clean and our equipment is so easy to use, learn how to clean a DPF.

Fuel Quality

Petrol vehicles also develop issues throughout Europe, as some parts of Europe cannot afford the quality of fuel. Therefore, fuel concentration is lower than it should be, severely affecting quality. This means that carbon builds up a lot quicker for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Insufficient petrol or diesel in a vehicle causes incomplete combustion which leads to even more carbon build up as a result.

High heat is also a key factor which makes countries suffer more than others when it comes to carbon build up. Hotter climates lead to higher carbon build up due to lack of air consumption.

Having been proven to successfully and effectively remove carbon, our range of Carbon cleaning machines are the ideal solution for the European automotive industry. Offering this service means…

  • You can increase your revenue
  • Introduce effective Carbon Cleaning technology
  • You can save your customers money
  • Your able to boost customer satisfaction

With a range of three different models we can cater for all garages that are looking to add the popular engine carbon cleaning method to their offering. Our range consists of…

CC-14 Carbon Clean Machine – The go to machine for carbon cleaning smaller vehicles such as cars under 2 litres, motorbikes and small boats. The compact, lightweight machine is the ideal solution for mobile operators or workshops with space restrictions.

CC-16 Carbon Clean Machine – Our mid-range machine which offers more scope for larger engines, boats and light commercial vehicles. Watch a Demo

CC-18 Carbon Clean Machine – Our heavy-duty machine is designed for commercial and industrial engines and equipped with some notable added features. This super powerful machine allows vehicles to be carbon cleaned in no time.

Wherever your from in Europe, our machines of Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning machines can prove to be a lucrative business opportunity which aims at all different vehicle users to solve a big problem in the industry.

Email the team at info@carbon-clean.co.uk for more information and to organise an onsite demonstration or call us direct on 0203 507 0175.

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