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Top 5 Causes of Carbon Build-Up

There still seems to be some confusion regarding the causes of carbon build-up amongst automotive engines, but in this short article, we explain the main factors.
As you may know, carbon build-up is a natural process in any combustion engine. Whether it be a passenger vehicle, petrol or diesel or a commercial fleet, carbon deposits will be present on various components of the engine.

Many vehicle owners notice the effects of carbon build-up such as the engine not running as smoothly, engine vibration, cold start misfires and most noticeably lower fuel economy.

But what causes the carbon to build-up?

1. Low quality fuel

When the fuel quality is low incomplete combustion occurs. Water is still produced, but carbon builds up in the engine causing driveability issues.

2. Too much stop/start travel

During peak times, traffic can really build-up causing a lot of stop/start travelling. This means more engine load leading to more excessive carbon build-up. In congested cities this means the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) may not get a chance to regenerate leading to carbon building up in that part of the vehicle.

3. Lack of servicing / maintenance

Service plans are put in place for a reason. To ensure that potential issues with a vehicle are spotted early enough and also that the vehicle is maintained and kept roadworthy. Carbon tends to build-up on engines which do not frequently under-go servicing.

4. Continuous short journeys

According to a study, 1 in 3 people use their car for short journeys which could be completed on foot or by public transport. Continuously making short car journeys can lead to a build-up of carbon as more work is being done by the engine than needs be. This also affects our environment significantly as you can see in this article.

5. No Carbon Clean Service plan

Vehicle owners can be seen to completely disregard the need for carbon cleaning as they do not entirely understand the benefits it has on their vehicle. Therefore, many people do not have a regular carbon clean service which obviously accelerates the carbon-related issues for the driver! It’s considerably simple to perform an engine carbon clean with our equipment and the results are impressive. Find out how carbon cleaning works here.

Carbon Clean offer the best in class carbon clean solutions in the world. Our machines use only water and cutting edge HHO engine cleaning technology, to remove carbon and soot from vehicles’ engines in just 30 minutes. Our range of Carbon Cleaning machines can accommodate any type of vehicle from passenger cars, to commercial fleets and even boats.

Benefits include:

  • Value for money machine
  • Virtually zero operating costs
  • Set and forget feature
  • Compact size and weight
  • Real life, real time results which can be verified (with gas analysis)
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Professional and effective wet cell technology

We have lucrative opportunities to become a Carbon Clean Centre, find out how you could earn over £50,000/ year from performing a couple of carbon cleans a day, full info here.

Alternatively, Find out why these garages chose to become centres.

Interested in offering a new service that will significantly increase your workshop revenue? Contact our team today.

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Why Commercial DPF Cleaning really works

We are pleased to announce that LB Commercial Vehicle Services are our newest commercial vehicle customer, who have invested in our state-of-the-art DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. This equipment has the power to perform a professional, deep clean on any type of DPF but is specifically designed for heavy commercial use. With many additional features like ergonomic assisted winch, triple filtration system, heated drying mechanism and differential pressure print outs to name a few. This is the perfect model for commercial dpf cleaning with quick turnaround times to avoid down time, which is a key aspect for commercial vehicle owners.

LB services who specialise in commercial vehicle maintenance, noticed a huge growth in DPF related issues amongst commercial vehicles around the local area of Lutterworth. Therefore, they decided to offer DPF cleaning to increase workshop revenue and save their customers the expense of fitting new DPF’s also keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum.

We are pleased to say that the company can now professionally restore all DPF’s from passenger vehicles, to commercial fleets saving their customers time and expense but also maintaining healthy profit margins.

Why is the demand rising for Commercial DPF Cleaning?

Across the U.K there are a huge number of diesel vehicles and in the commercial sector, diesels account for 97% of the engines. All diesel particulate filters will get blocked at some point and this can cause many problems throughout the vehicle from engine malfunctions to poor fuel economy. These are all major factors that can negatively affect commercial fleets that operate on thin profit margins, and that is why our DPF technology has become very popular in recent years. Many workshop do not realise how to clean a DPF, but it’s relatively straight forward with our innovative equipment!

By removing blockages in the Diesel Particulate Filter can offer huge benefits for commercial vehicles:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • More cost-effective to unblock a DPF
  • Less engine vibration
  • Better engine performance
  • Increases longevity of the commercial engine
  • Lower harmful emissions

Mark from LB Commercial Vehicle Services says

“We noticed a huge opportunity for DPF Cleaning services in Lutterworth, so we decided to invest in Carbon Clean’s DCS-20 Commercial machine. We were looking specifically for a suitable DPF cleaning machine so we can provide this much-needed service to our customers. I really appreciated the on-site training and tips from Ben at Carbon Clean who answered all my questions on the installation day”.

Regardless of the current economic climate, LB Commercial Vehicles Services have progressed their workshop to capitalise on this very lucrative business opportunity to clean DPFs for commercial vehicles and fleets.

Are you interested in investing in commercial DPF cleaning? We have machines to suit all types of aftermarket workshops, check out the fantastic benefits of taking the plunge:

  • 12 months standard warranty
  • UK aftercare team
  • Full on-site training available
  • Latest DPF cleaning technology
  • Designed in the UK
  • Competitive finance arranged
  • Simple and easy to use machines
  • 7 machines to suit your market segment

We have several in-depth videos demonstrating the clear features of this top-of-the-range commercial dpf cleaning machine, view our youtube channel here >

To arrange a site demo or enquire about our finance options, contact our experts:

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Promoting Carbon Clean in Fabulous Las Vegas!

The USA has over 240,000 automotive garages and over 272 million vehicles on the road! That’s why our team visited one of the largest Auto shows in America, AAPEX, Las Vegas.

Our Engine Carbon Clean machines which are also referred to as Aqueous machines or HHO machines in the states, were very popular with more and more garages aware of the cutting edge process. Our USA team were showing distributors, industry sales reps and end-users about our unique Wet Cell technology which safely removes carbon from deep inside the combustion engine for passenger cars, to Freightliners and even motorboat engines!

On the other hand, our ultimate DPF machine, namely the DCS-20 enclosed cabinet system received a lot of attention from fleet owners. The haulage market is huge in the states and there are very few garages offering a professional, quick DPF restoration service. Our DCS-20 has many powerful features ideal to clearing upto 100% of the soot and ash build up thats very common in the Freightliner, buses and pickup trucks.

So if your fleet operator, then these machines can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs, DPF restoration rather than replacements and lower servicing costs due to better engine performance/ reliability.

We welcome distribution and other business enquiries,
Speak to our USA team on 1 (888) 558-1744
Or view full product info

20th Anniversary with MPD

We were honoured to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Event of Motor Parts direct. They are proud to be the UK’s biggest independant Motor Factor. As one of our leading distributors we have successfully grown with them over the years to supply the UK market with our top of the range Machines through their network of hundreds of business representatives. This is a prime example of a credible, leading distributor who believed in our vision and supported Carbon Clean to becoming the worlds leading supplier of Carbon & DPF Cleaning, selling our machine to hundreds of garages throughout the United Kingdom.


Government Pressure to Lower Carbon Emissions

With new plans to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint to net zero by 2050, companies and individuals are under increasing pressure to minimise their use of certain fuels and cut emissions. Teresa May took a bold step by announcing this measure to the mainstream media. (INSERT MAY- SCREENSHOT)

Whilst many businesses will receive assistance and tailored advice regarding the switch to cleaner energy, many individuals from the public are searching for ways to minimise their carbon footprint and protect the environment.

With air quality and pollution currently being a hot topic, consumers are changing the way they operate. Environmental concerns now feature prominently in decision-making, and purchases are heavily influenced by their potential impact on carbon emissions and harmful pollution.

Reducing automotive pollution

Carbon emissions arising from the use of vehicles has been a concern for decades, and there have been various initiatives designed to reduce the harmful impact the automotive industry has on air quality and pollution. The ultra low emissions zone in central London has been a controversial move with residents but has also paved the way for greener cars.

With dedicated carbon cleaning machines, mechanics and automotive technicians can now provide an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. Ideal for garages and mechanics who want to increase the range of services they offer and boost their revenue, carbon cleaning machinery taps into a growing market and ensures vehicle owners have access to the environmentally-friendly services they’re demanding.

Impact for End Users

With vehicle owners already suffering financially as a result of emissions incentives, many consumers are looking for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of petrol and diesel engines, so that their carbon footprint can be reduced. Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning machines effectively remove soot, ash and carbon from combustion engines, thus ensuring emissions are reduced, pollution is minimised, and air quality is greatly enhanced. Moreso, the performance sector has also gravitated to carbon cleaning to restore power to their engines, as well as being a valuable service to maintain the health of their engine components.
(Photo of mechanic doing dpf/ carbon clean)

By becoming an approved Carbon Clean Centre, workshops and garages can create an additional revenue stream by offering carbon cleans and DPF cleans to a very lucrative market. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Promoting lower emissions in Dubai!

We had a great opportunity to showcase our innovative Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning machines at Automechanika, Dubai in 2019. Raising awareness of the global threats of carbon emissions, and demonstrating our new technology to help reduce the problem. Our solutions to the problem were received very well amongst workshops in the middles East region and we look forward to strengthening the brand with new distribution agreements in the area. If your a modern workshop who wants to invest in the newest green technology or are a forward thinking distributor, get in touch with our experts.

At Automechanika NEC 2019

We showcased out cutting edge technology to help reduce the global levels of Carbon emissions with our DPF cleaning machines and engine carbon cleaning machines. The automechanika show this year brought many big players in the automotive space all to Birmingham, UK. In 2019 we also introduced a new HPCS-14 machine to help effectively and easily clean carbon deposits from engine car parts.

Among the Best in Italy!

Carbon Clean were among the biggest brands, for the AutoPromotec Exhibition in Italy, May 2019. Carbon build up is evidently a big problem in Europe and we were overwhelmed by the amount of interest we received from Distributors, keen to work with us. Visitors were also impressed by our range of different Engine Carbon Cleaning machines as well as DPF Cleaning machines in our line up, equipped to service all sorts of garages and vehicles. Check out our show report for full info.

Why to invest into Carbon Cleaning Machines?

Check out why it makes complete business sense to introduce this service to your workshop. Become a Carbon Clean centre and benefit from excellent finance packages, marketing support and reliable a machine warranty.

Speak to our experts and find out why our technology is the best in the market. Best in DPF Cleaning machines Best in Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines Our machines will service cars, commercial vehicles, Boats, Agricultural vehicles, motorbikes and literally any combustion engine. Assembled in the UK with the highest quality components our machines are efficient and reliable. Speak to our experts to find the right option for your garage or workshop. Machines supplied all over the world.

CV Show 2019 Birmingham

We were showcasing and demonstrating our latest Carbon and DPF cleaning machines at the Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC. The response was outstanding with many workshop owners interested in our live demo of the DCS-16 DPF cleaning machine.
Our off car DPF cleaning service has become very popular due to the ease of service, immediate results and the huge profit potential.
Take a look at the show report from our Head of business development, Ben.