auto care with our DPF Cleaning Machine

Peterborough Workshop Invests in our DPF Cleaning Tech

Express Auto Care decided to invest in our market-leading DCS-16 DPF Cleaning machine to increase their workshop opportunities. By investing, the Peterborough-based workshop can offer our DPF cleaning tech to their customers and other local Garages.

The well-established business originally met us at the Mechanex show in Surrey, where they immediately saw the opportunity to grow their business. They offer many services including MOTs, routine servicing and maintenance, and now specialist DPF Cleaning.

Why did they invest in our DPF Cleaning Tech?

Simon Hunt, Manager at Expert Auto Care said they invested in the DCS-16 because they saw the potential the “brilliant” machine had to offer. He also said he has already seen the new DPF cleaning service make very good returns. Their new service can now attract a wider range of clients.

Benefits of the DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine:

  • Removes up to 100% of carbon, soot and ash built up in a DPF.
  • Automatic setting
  • Simple control panel
  • Easy work-bed design
  • Equipped with all accessories to suit any car DPF
  • Check out all of the benefits>>

By taking the plunge, thousands of workshops around the UK have realised the exponential potential in sales revenue, potential growth in client segments, new business opportunities, and more. Customers constantly face DPF issues therefore by investing in our range of DPF Cleaning machines you will be able to fill a gap in the market. What makes us different is the quality of our DPF Cleaning technology, which not only impresses your customers but also introduces fast returns as our DPF Cleaning technology removes carbon, soot and ash in a timely manner! As a result of quick and efficient cleaning, you will also be earning anything from £99 to £250+ every hour or so (dependent on your DPF Cleaning Rates), now that’s what we call a massive return on investment.

To find out more about this lucrative business opportunity call us on 0203 507 0175 or email This will help you take your business to the next level in 2022.


How does a Carbon Cleaning machine work? Carbon Cleaning machine live in action on a Mercedes

What does a Carbon Cleaning Machine do?

Our Carbon Cleaning machines use electrolysis to split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen to produce oxyhydrogen (HHO gas). The HHO is fed into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake valve to mix with the air and fuel in the combustion chambers of the engine.

This mixture ignites the HHO combusts at a much higher temperature than the fuel alone. This atomises the carbon deposits which are expelled through the exhaust system.

In the Engine Cylinders 

how does a carbon cleaning machine work? Image showing the process in the engine cylinder

Expelling the Carbon Safely

Image showing how carbon cleaning machine works. Oxyhydrogen carbon expels via the exhaust

For the final stage of the clean, the hydrocarbon (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas react, this then expels past the exhaust valve and out of the tailpipe (through the DPF with Diesel engines).

Check out our video explaining how our carbon removal technology works

How investing in Carbon Cleaning Machines can help your workshop

  • Amazing earning potential
  • Wide range of machines to choose from depending on your potential service needs.
  • Proven to have a fantastic impact on vehicles engines and performance
  • Quick service time
  • Training and on-going support
  • Digital marketing support for approved Carbon Clean Centres
  • Long-lasting machines
  • RAID Technology, which creates a high gas output.
  • Nearly zero operating costs
  • Easy to use machines

+ Many more benefits!

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Carbon Clean UK Become an Approved Supplier to Babcock International

We are pleased to announce that Carbon Clean UK are an approved supplier to Babcock International.

Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services which support national defence, save lives and protect communities. They focus on three highly regulated markets – defence, emergency services and civil nuclear, delivering vital services and managing complex assets in the UK and internationally.

The business has a variety of contracts in place with MET Police, London Fire Brigade, Heathrow Airport, Ministry of Defence, Civil Nuclear and more. Whereby it is Babcock’s soul responsibility to maintain and service all the vehicles owned by each of these businesses.

What Does Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International Mean for Carbon Clean UK? 

Becoming an Approved Supplier to Babcock International means that all departments within Babcock can purchase any type of automotive environmental technology from us without any hassle. We are set up on Babcock’s system as an official supplier of theirs, therefore this makes it easier for all departments within the business to purchase any type of automotive equipment from us.

Carbon Clean UK are incredibly proud to have been put onto the critical services database. As this means that any business which provides vehicle maintenance to any type of vehicle within critical services such as Ambulances, can purchase automotive equipment from us.

Check out our range of Carbon Cleaning Machines

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Latest Innovation | Ground-breaking Carbon Removal Technology

Carbon Clean have taken carbon removal to a whole new level with our latest innovation. We have implemented ground-breaking additional features and refinements to develop the ultimate carbon cleaning technology.

Our brand-new CC-20 Series combines state of the art technologies with oxyhydrogen for the engine and DPF Smart Clean for the cleaning of DPF’s. Both techniques are off-ramp and take just a matter of minutes to complete with this new equipment.
Our new range allows one single engineer to easily and safely perform a Carbon Clean or a DPF Clean all from one single unit. This means that less money is spent on equipment and less labour time is needed too which is a win, win for many workshops.
The CC-20 Series includes two models including our CC-26 and CC-28 Carbon Clean Machines.

What’s the difference between the two machines?

The CC-26 is ideal for the passenger market to clean vehicle engines from 1-4 litres. Whereas the CC-28 is the ideal investment for commercial workshops as it accommodates all engines from 4-16 + litres. Both units benefit from the same fantastic features and benefits including:

  • New and increased power to the electrolytic tanks for increased oxyhydrogen production
  • Cleans DPF Filters and includes DPF Smart Clean technology
  • Flexiscope; a flexible borescope for high resolution visual inspection of the engine interior
  • RAID technology so, should a cell fail, gas production will be unaffected at up to 1800 litres/hour!
  • Multi-user interface

Why your Workshop should invest in our new carbon removal technology

Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning has been proven to help workshops to generate more revenue. With this in mind, using one single unit which can perform both services allow you to perform both services using one piece of equipment rather than having to buy a Carbon Clean Machine and a separate DPF Cleaning Machine.

Both services are incredibly popular. DPF’s will always get blocked on diesel vehicles, therefore being able to perform a DPF Clean at your premises ensure that you always have a service to offer your customers.
Carbon Cleaning has also become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. With many drivers now understanding the huge positive impact carbon cleaning their engine can make. In fact, most drivers that are made aware of the benefits of a Carbon Clean tend to opt for one to simply ensure the best maintenance for their vehicle.

Are you interested in finding out more about our CC-20 Series? Click here to view the full features and benefits.

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Carbon Clean Get Back into The Swing of Exhibitions

Carbon Clean have recently been back into the swing of exhibitions since the pandemic. We recently exhibited at one of the largest and most comprehensive automotive events in Britain.

The Commercial Vehicle Show is designed to get all likeminded professionals, and decision makers who are part of the commercial automotive sector together for a few days to showcase new and upcoming equipment which may be beneficial to their business. Whilst also providing relevant information for the industry.


At the show we showcased a range of our automotive environmental technology including:

Carbon Clean get back into the swing of exhibitions and we definitely enjoyed it. All of our equipment gained a fantastic response from the visitors at the show. If, unfortunately you wasn’t at the show you can view our wide range of products online at

Alternatively, you can contact our team direct to find out more about our automotive environmental technology.

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DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine- The Perfect Investment for Automotive Businesses

Copthorne Motor Company, a Crawley based automotive specialist, originally invested in our entry level DCS-16 DPF Cleaning machine over 2 years ago.

Copthorne Motor Company is an automotive workshop that looks after cars and vans for private customers and fleet customers. They saw a huge opportunity to offer DPF Cleaning in the local area and have now become the go to garage for DPF Cleaning. The success of the first DPF Cleaning Machine has led them to invest further into our DPF Cleaning technology as they have recently decided to invest in the new upgraded version of our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. Designed specifically to cater for all types of DPF’s, but specifically for commercial vehicles.

How can DPF Cleaning increase business opportunities?

DPFs naturally get blocked, therefore every diesel vehicle owner could potentially be your customer. By being equipped with our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine, you can remove up to 100% of soot/ash in any DPF. You only have to clean a few DPF’s a day to be able to generate a significant Return on Investment and increase workshop revenue.

Benefits of our DCS-20 DPF Cleaner:

  • Increased earning potential
  • Virtually zero daily running costs
  • High Return on Investment
  • Latest DPF Cleaning technology
  • Removes up to 100% carbon, soot and ash built up in DPF’s
  • Full on-site training
  • Cabinet style design
  • Adjustable air pressures
  • Printer system to show pre-service/post-service results
  • Triple filtration system
  • DPF Drying feature & much more

Are you interested in creating a new revenue stream for your business or do you want to find out more about our DPF Cleaning machines? Contact our team today on 0203 507 0175 or email  

New DPF Business Opportunity for Plymouth Carbon Cleaning

Engine carbon cleaning specialists, Plymouth Carbon Cleaning have invested in our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine and are amazed by how awesome our DPF cleaning technology is.

The company based in Plymouth can clean carbon deposits from vehicles engines along with offering a whole host of other vehicle services too. Their latest investment in our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine has opened new opportunities for them, whilst allowing them to attract a new client market. They have already started to notice the extra workshop revenue which can be generated by this additional service.

The reasons why the business chose to invest in our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine

• To create more opportunities for their business
• To attract a new client market
• To increase their workshop revenue
• Easy to use DPF cleaning equipment
• UK aftercare team
• Full training provided by our DPF Cleaning Specialists
• Best DPF cleaner on the market
• Ability to pressure test before and after
• Cleans most types of DPF’s including commercial

Ian Pearson, Workshop Owner said it was also ‘the best value for money DPF machine on the market’.

The benefits of our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine

Our DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine is suitable for all light commercial vehicles and HGV. It is also equipped with a range of accessories to tackle most DPF’s in the car park.

Features & benefits include:

• Removes up to 100% of carbon, soot and ash built up in a DPF
• Easy work-bed design
• Can handle Euro 5 and 6 engines
• In situ clean and dry function
• Multi-direction DPF positions to clean deeper
• Pressure display
• Can remove up to 100% of soot/ ash in DPF
• Automatic set and forget function

Are you interested in taking the plunge and investing in our DPF cleaning technology? Contact our team today to enquire.

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Do you have the right Carbon Cleaning Machine?

In the ever-changing industry of the automotive aftermarket and unpredictable economic fluctuations, Carbon Cleaning is one of the best investments your business can make to overcome those challenges. Selecting the right equipment is crucial to achieve longevity and required performance for consistent results no matter the vehicle type and size.

Since our inception, we have seen a considerable number of customers who purchase dry cell hydrogen generator kits online. Consequentially they tend to accept their loss and switch to a genuine Carbon Clean Machine from us. Usually, only months after their original investment, customers realise that quality, performance, efficiency, and reliability are important to maintain a constant business growth. Our machines deliver this without fail. No carbon clean machine on the market can compare.

Why Our Carbon Clean Machines are the best on the market?

Unlike the cheaper dry cell hydrogen generator kits online, our Carbon Clean Machines use water and cutting-edge Oxyhydrogen engine cleaning technology to remove up to 100% of carbon deposits.

Each machine uses electrolysis to split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen to produce oxyhydrogen.

A non-evasive procedure whereby the Oxyhydrogen is fed into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake to mix with the air and fuel in the combustion chambers of the engine. When this mixture ignites the Oxyhydrogen combusts at a much higher temperature than the fuel alone. This atomizes the carbon deposits which are expelled, harmlessly, in gaseous form through the exhaust system.

Given the power and technology being used, an internal filtration system and in-built cooling fans are packaged within the CC-Series machines to ensure safe running of the highly intuitive circuit boards and deliver the best concentration of Oxyhydrogen gas.

This is the safest way to remove carbon deposits from vehicles engines. Whereas dry cell technology has been known to block up the internal pipes, effecting gas flow production.

But that’s not it, there are many other features and benefits of our Carbon Cleaning range which makes our technology so unique:

  • Set & forget feature
  • Easy to operate
  • RAID technology
  • Virtually zero operating costs
  • Value for money machines
  • Accommodates almost any type, make and model of vehicle
  • UK aftercare support
  • Training from our Carbon Clean specialists
  • Ability to try before you buy with our fantastic product demonstrations
  • Trusted and recommended by thousands of Workshops and businesses worldwide

Buy the right machine for your Business

Of course, we understand that many customers choose to invest in the dry cell technology as they see this equipment as more ‘cost effective’. However, this isn’t the long-term option therefore not an ideal unit for a busy workshop.

80% of existing Carbon Clean Machine owners which have later decided to invest in our
Carbon Clean Machines instead have said:

  • The equipment doesn’t perform as it said it would
  • They have no support from their online purchases
  • The equipment is not as it appeared online
  • It’s ineffective
  • Results are not consistent and are unreliable
  • It’s causing damage to my customers engines instead of showing them the benefits

It’s important to note that many of the counterfeit machines found online were originally manufactured for oxyhydrogen welding or cutting. These are simply being re-branded and re-advertised as engine cleaning machines. However, these have not been designed specifically to perform engine cleans. This is purely a damaging profit-making exercise, whereby resellers / drop shippers take advantage of this technology for their own benefit. Damaging not only carbon cleaning reputation but also masking the draw backs of the machines by advertising at a cheap price.

We would encourage all buyers to take great time in understanding exactly why certain carbon cleaning equipment is so cheap – If the cost of the machines you find online is dramatically less than the others you’ve come across. Ask yourself…why is this so cheap?

There is always a reason.

We find it a great shame that such progressive technology is being treated in this way with possibly catastrophic results. If you are looking to embrace oxyhydrogen cleaning in your workshop it is wise to get as many details as you can about the contents of the machine you are about to invest in. To avoid disappointment, time and money wasted and damaging effects to your business.

Don’t be fooled.

There are many cheap, small dry cell machines on the market which use our Carbon Clean UK branding without our consent. Please be aware that these machines are not at all part of our carbon cleaning range. Nor would we like to be associated with these machines. This is full proof that these resellers are using a premium badge like ours to add credibility to their downmarket machines to gain trust and increase their sales.

We would like to encourage anyone who is looking to invest in the world of carbon cleaning to speak to our team. Alternatively, if you already have what you think is an ‘engine cleaning machine’ but it’s not performing as you think it should be you can also contact our team for support and information.

Call: 0203 507 0175

Why Tuning Workshops Are Investing In Carbon Cleaning

AMD Tuning are a leading remapping and tuning specialist workshop in Essex. Their owner, Shaun Hollamby is a successful touring racing driver heavily involved with the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship). It’s fair to say they are very experienced in the racing and performance arena!

In 2018 they became an Approved Carbon Clean Centre Plus and invested in our CC-16 Oxyhydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine along with our DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine. There are many benefits of becoming a centre as you can read here.

AMD Showroom

The Revisit

3 years on we visited their premises to find out how they progressed as an official centre. They use our carbon removal technology on a daily basis, and are seeing great results.

Either offering carbon cleaning to vehicles that come in for regular annual services or part of a performance tuning service to maximise the results. The DPF Cleaning service is also proving to be very popular because when a DPF is blocked it needs immediate attention and our DCS-16 can perform a professional clean in about 2 – 3 hours.

Carbon Clean also sponsored the AMD racing team for the BTCC in 2018. This association reflected the passion for extra performance that our carbon removal technology can offer. It was also amazing to see a limited edition AMD Tuning Scalextric model car which featured our Carbon Clean logo which also demonstrates our key partnership with their brand.

Images from AMD Showroom & race event

Carbon Removal and Tuning

Removing carbon from engine components and (or) from the Diesel Particulate Filter before adding a professional remap can create some amazing results. This is a perfect combination to get more bhp out of a client’s engine. AMD are just one of the tuning workshops that are maximising their revenue using our unique technology. We also created some amazing results for this car enthusiast’s beloved Porsche 911 as you can see here

For an in-depth article regarding the benefits of carbon removal with engine tuning, click here

To learn how our Carbon Removal Technology can help your business, download a brochure here or contact one of specialists:

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Using DPF Cleaning Technology for Marine Diesel Engines

Carbon Clean successfully installed the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine for PB Asher, who first invested in our entry level DCS-16 machine in 2018.

PB Asher is a company based in Southampton, providing a complete diesel pump & injector repair, service & supply concept.

They have been servicing automotive vehicles as well as various types of marine diesel engines for the last 69 years. They decided to invest in the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning machine in order to offer commercial fleets a same day DPF cleaning service.

Simon Long, who works at PB Asher, said the DCS-20 is the “perfect DPF cleaning

Originally they bought our entry level DCS-16 machine a few years ago and due
to the longevity and results from our basic machine, they were encouraged to invest

Our ultimate model, the DCS-20 can clean any type of DPF on the market such as
passenger vehicles to Euro 4,5,6 and even Motorboat Diesel Particulate Filters.

The owner at PB Asher also mentioned, “the build quality and running cost is also one of the many reasons why we decided to invest into the DPF cleaning technology.”

How can DPF Cleaning Machines benefit your business?

Our flagship DCS-20 DPF cleaning machine allows you to dramatically increase your business opportunities.

DPFs will naturally get blocked but our flagship model makes it very easy to perform a deep, professional clean using our unique ProClean fluid along with high pressure air and water.

This top-of-the-range model can clean any DPF on the market with great ease due to an array of upgraded features like motorised winch, powerful blower to dry the DPF faster and pressure reading print outs.

Watch the video below to view the many more features available on the DCS-20

What are the main benefits of the DCS-20?

• Top of the range machine
• Cabinet style design
• Adjustable pressures
• Printer system to show pre-service/post service results
• Active filtration
• Adjustable water temperature for better results
• Removes up to 100% of carbon, soot & ash built up in DPF’s
• Automatic set and forget function
• Increased earning potential
• Latest DPF cleaning technology
• Competitive finance available
• Full on-site training
• Easy to operate
• UK Aftercare team
• Plus more…

Are you interested in finding out about our premium range of DPF Cleaning machines Contact our team today on 0203 507 0175 Or email: