City Bus, Plymouth invest in our DPF Cleaning Tech

City Bus in Plymouth decided to invest in our top-of-the-range DCS-20 DPF Cleaning machine to not only bring their DPF cleans in-house but to support their commercial workshop with an added service for their customers. By investing, Plymouth based bus operator can offer our DPF cleaning tech to their commercial & car customers as well as new customers who are looking for a DPF clean.

The well-established business originally contacted us via our website, where they immediately saw the opportunity to grow their business. This company not only offers a bus operating service in the Plymouth area but also services vehicles for both private and local companies which can now be extended to DPF cleaning.

Why did they invest in our DPF Cleaning Tech?

City Plymouth invested in our DPF-20 machine because this machine is made for heavy duty commercial DPF cleans and therefore the range in vehicles in which this machine can clean varies more than others on the market. City Plymouth can not only ensure that their commercial vehicles are having a DPF clean that is thorough enough but they can also be confident in their machine knowing that it will offer the same service to their customers at the workshop.

Benefits of the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine?

  • Top of the range machine
  • Enclosed Cabinet style design
  • Adjustable Air Pressure
  • Printer system to show pre-service/ post service results in Mbar
  • Advanced Triple Filtration system (33 filters in total)
  • Can remove up to 100% of soot/ ash in DPF
  • Automatic set and forget function

By taking the plunge, thousands of workshops around the UK have realised the exponential potential in sales revenue, potential growth in client segments, new business opportunities, and more. Customers constantly face DPF issues therefore by investing in our range of DPF Cleaning machines you will be able to fill a gap in the market. What makes us different is the quality of our DPF Cleaning technology, which not only impresses your customers but also introduces fast returns as our DPF Cleaning technology removes carbon, soot and ash in a timely manner! As a result of quick and efficient cleaning, you will also be earning anything from £99 to £250+ every hour or so (dependent on your DPF Cleaning Rates), now that’s what we call a massive return on investment.

To find out more about this lucrative business opportunity

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