Why Commercial DPF Cleaning really works

We are pleased to announce that LB Commercial Vehicle Services are our newest commercial vehicle customer, who have invested in our state-of-the-art DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. This equipment has the power to perform a professional, deep clean on any type of DPF but is specifically designed for heavy commercial use. With many additional features like ergonomic assisted winch, triple filtration system, heated drying mechanism and differential pressure print outs to name a few. This is the perfect model for commercial dpf cleaning with quick turnaround times to avoid down time, which is a key aspect for commercial vehicle owners.

LB services who specialise in commercial vehicle maintenance, noticed a huge growth in DPF related issues amongst commercial vehicles around the local area of Lutterworth. Therefore, they decided to offer DPF cleaning to increase workshop revenue and save their customers the expense of fitting new DPF’s also keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum.

We are pleased to say that the company can now professionally restore all DPF’s from passenger vehicles, to commercial fleets saving their customers time and expense but also maintaining healthy profit margins.

Why is the demand rising for Commercial DPF Cleaning?

Across the U.K there are a huge number of diesel vehicles and in the commercial sector, diesels account for 97% of the engines. All diesel particulate filters will get blocked at some point and this can cause many problems throughout the vehicle from engine malfunctions to poor fuel economy. These are all major factors that can negatively affect commercial fleets that operate on thin profit margins, and that is why our DPF technology has become very popular in recent years. Many workshop do not realise how to clean a DPF, but it's relatively straight forward with our innovative equipment!

By removing blockages in the Diesel Particulate Filter can offer huge benefits for commercial vehicles:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • More cost-effective to unblock a DPF
  • Less engine vibration
  • Better engine performance
  • Increases longevity of the commercial engine
  • Lower harmful emissions

Mark from LB Commercial Vehicle Services says

“We noticed a huge opportunity for DPF Cleaning services in Lutterworth, so we decided to invest in Carbon Clean's DCS-20 Commercial machine. We were looking specifically for a suitable DPF cleaning machine so we can provide this much-needed service to our customers. I really appreciated the on-site training and tips from Ben at Carbon Clean who answered all my questions on the installation day".

Regardless of the current economic climate, LB Commercial Vehicles Services have progressed their workshop to capitalise on this very lucrative business opportunity to clean DPFs for commercial vehicles and fleets.

Are you interested in investing in commercial DPF cleaning? We have machines to suit all types of aftermarket workshops, check out the fantastic benefits of taking the plunge:

  • 12 months standard warranty
  • UK aftercare team
  • Full on-site training available
  • Latest DPF cleaning technology
  • Designed in the UK
  • Competitive finance arranged
  • Simple and easy to use machines
  • 7 machines to suit your market segment

We have several in-depth videos demonstrating the clear features of this top-of-the-range commercial dpf cleaning machine, view our youtube channel here >

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