company background

Company Background

“We’re passionate about providing easy to use solutions to help the workshop, vehicle owner and of course the environment”

Carbon Clean began with a simple ethos of utilizing the best applications of new and existing technology to provide innovative engine cleaning solutions to the garage market.

Employing an in-depth and wide ranging research methodology to find the best in class machines that will prove to save labour and be profitable for our customers. Our passion is to maintain an ‘ecological focus’ on the environmental impact of the systems and agents our machines employ.

Our state of the art machines are designed for easy use by any workshop and are made with high quality components.

With our head quarters in London, we have the perfect base to trade with distributors and end garages all over the world.

Our product range includes a variety of Carbon removal systems ranging from Oxy hydrogen Cleaning machines developed solely with computer controlled ‘Wet Cell Technology’ as opposed to the more common and less expensive dry cell methods.

Our equipment solutions are designed in the UK to very high standards with user safety being the top most priority, and are recognised across the world with a high reputation for consistency for outstanding results.

Additionally we have specifically designed DPF cleaning solutions to suit the various needs of the aftermarket workshop/ garage industry For both passenger vehicles and heavy goods vehicles alike. Our machines demonstrate various positive outcomes with our DPF restoration process.

With hundreds of our machines sold throughout all the continents, we’re passionate about keeping up the momentum to reduce global emissions and welcome any further business opportunities.

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