DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine- The Perfect Investment for Automotive Businesses

Copthorne Motor Company, a Crawley based automotive specialist, originally invested in our entry level DCS-16 DPF Cleaning machine over 2 years ago.

Copthorne Motor Company is an automotive workshop that looks after cars and vans for private customers and fleet customers. They saw a huge opportunity to offer DPF Cleaning in the local area and have now become the go to garage for DPF Cleaning. The success of the first DPF Cleaning Machine has led them to invest further into our DPF Cleaning technology as they have recently decided to invest in the new upgraded version of our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. Designed specifically to cater for all types of DPF’s, but specifically for commercial vehicles.

How can DPF Cleaning increase business opportunities?

DPFs naturally get blocked, therefore every diesel vehicle owner could potentially be your customer. By being equipped with our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine, you can remove up to 100% of soot/ash in any DPF. You only have to clean a few DPF’s a day to be able to generate a significant Return on Investment and increase workshop revenue.

Benefits of our DCS-20 DPF Cleaner:

  • Increased earning potential
  • Virtually zero daily running costs
  • High Return on Investment
  • Latest DPF Cleaning technology
  • Removes up to 100% carbon, soot and ash built up in DPF’s
  • Full on-site training
  • Cabinet style design
  • Adjustable air pressures
  • Printer system to show pre-service/post-service results
  • Triple filtration system
  • DPF Drying feature & much more

Are you interested in creating a new revenue stream for your business or do you want to find out more about our DPF Cleaning machines? Contact our team today on 0203 507 0175 or email sales@carbon-clean.co.uk