DPFS Restoring VS Replacing

DPF restoration/ cleaning is the way forward for the automotive industry. Why? Because it is more environmentally friendly, and ultimately it can save your customers up to thousands of pounds.

As we all know, DPF blockages are inevitable due to the build-up of carbon residue after each DPF regeneration. Diesel vehicle owners have no other choice but to solve their DPF issues to avoid other long-term damage to engine components. Most of the time they are led to believe that their only option is to get their DPF replaced, which can cost up to thousands of pounds. Diesel Particulate Filters are very expensive because they are constructed with precious metals, however, DPF cleaning can also solve DPF blockages but for a fraction of price.

DPFs are actually built very well and can endure heavy commercial use. Therefore, you just need to find a non-invasive way of cleaning and restoring the filter. Carbon Clean offer several ways of cleaning DPFs. You can either have regular on-car DPF cleans which are less labour intensive or if the DPF is severely blocked you can have an off-vehicle deep service which means the DPF is physically removed from the vehicle and cleaned with specialist equipment.

The actual cost comparison is unbelievable. A typical Nissan Qashqai genuine new DPF will cost around £1,500 but cleaning a DPF with our technology will cost only £150 + vat plus labour. This huge difference for the same results in the end, is the reason why our technology has become so popular over the last 8 years.

DPF Cleaning results

New DPF Filter

This is why many UK workshops tend to take the plunge and invest in DPF cleaning rather than replace DPF’s for customers as the benefits speak for themselves for both the workshop and the customer.

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