Excellent Results From Our Clients In South Africa – CC-14

We have Fantastic results in from our client in Southern Africa!

We believe in quality work, and we believe in our products! That’s the reason why we are so proud of our customer’s continuing fantastic results.

  • Automotive Carbon Cleaning
  • “A very happy client! Saying he was very happy while doing the test drive”
  • “This G4 1.6 had a busted clutch, so the clean had minimal effect on actual performance.”
  •  “1.9TDI 96kw The sortline reported better fuel consumption”
  • “Reported much better fuel consumption on a 1.6TDI”
  • “Better spool, 2.5 STI”
  • “All round more efficient and quieter engine, clearly a better drive with more power, 1.5 N/A”
  • “A very happy client, noted a big difference immediately, with a smoother boost, no more hesitation, and when you dump the gas pedal you hear the turbo more.”
  • “Probably our most satisfied customer!”
“Another happy 1.9TDI Sport-line. With this one I could hear the turbo boosting better after just 30 minutes. Great results!”