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How our Carbon Clean Machines Save MOTs and Boost Business

Are You an MOT Tester Noticing a Rise in Failed MOTs Due to Emissions? When you invest in one of our Carbon Cleaning machines, you will be able to solve your customers’ MOT emissions issues and avoid turning valuable business away!

It is reported that around 5% of vehicles fail their MOT because of emission-related issues. Unfortunately, in most cases, MOT testers are forced to turn business away simply because they do not have the right equipment to accommodate their customers’ emission-related problems. Fortunately, we have the solution! By investing in our carbon cleaning equipment, you will not only provide your local drivers with an MOT service but also fix the problems causing their vehicles to fail.

Our Engine Carbon Cleaning technology works efficiently to remove up to 100% of carbon buildup in vehicle engines, significantly reducing emission levels! In fact, with just one simple 30-minute service, garages have been able to halve the rate of emissions. What’s even better is that our equipment is intelligently designed with a built-in printer to provide pre-and post-cleaning results, allowing you to show your customers real-time, tangible outcomes. And the best part is, you can own one of our Carbon Clean Machines for less than the price of just one carbon clean per month!

Be the solution to your customers’ MOT issues and earn up to £50k+ extra revenue per year when you invest – it really is a no-brainer for every workshop! Still hesitant? Book a free nationwide demo with our team today and see how effective our machines are in real time! All you have to do is book your demo with your preferred date and time by emailing demo@carbon-clean.co.uk.

For more information, call 0203 507 0175 or email sales@carbon-clean.co.uk. Browse the range here >>> Carbon Clean Machines