Increasing demand for commercial DPF Cleaning Machines

Capatest, our Spanish Distributor have announced their success with our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machines in Spain.

Capatest became a Carbon Clean Distributor back in 2019, and have been buying and re-selling our equipment ever since. The business has sold many DPF Cleaning Machines over the years.

In fact, one of Capatest’s customers have had so much success with our DPF cleaning technology they have just invested in their second DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. In recent months, the customer had been so busy with the amount of DPF’s they were cleaning that they chose to purchase another DPF Cleaner alongside their current DCS-20 to ensure they have the ability to cater for the increasing demands for this service.

Our flagship DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine is the best DPF cleaner on the market for all types of DPF cleaning. This machine can remove up to 100% of carbon, soot and ash built up in diesel particulate filters. No DPF is too much, as this DPF cleaner is incredibly versatile allowing you to be able to clean DPF’s from vehicles such as, cars, vans, trucks, commercial fleets and more. See the full features and benefits here >

With equipment like the DCS-20, re-selling our technology is made easy! As not only as a Distributor are you selling equipment that performs above expectations but you’re also supplying DPF cleaning solutions that help workshops to offer versatility as they are able to clean any type of DPF with this market leading DPF Cleaning machine.

Are you interested in becoming a Carbon Clean Distributor? Or maybe you’re looking to buy a DPF Cleaner like the DCS-20?

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