Is the UK Automotive Sector Struggling?

With the looming cloud of Brexit still affecting both consumers and garage owners, the UK aftermarket industry has become stagnant in recent years, forcing workshops to look for other ways to increase revenues.

There is no denying that consumers are more conscious of servicing costs and maintenance. From everyday drivers to fleet managers, they are all looking for more reliability from their vehicles.

Take a look at these interested automotive facts:

  • Over 12.4 million diesel vehicles were on UK roads in 2017
  • A large proportion of drivers are unaware of how to reduce the running costs of their vehicles
  • People are keeping their vehicles for longer- average age 8.2 years now
  • Average annual spend on vehicle repairs/ servicing is £706.71 (2019)

In todays world, another growing concern for driver’s is the environmental impact. However, there is no denying that we are far away from fully relying on electric vehicles due to their premium costs and charging point infrastructure. Carbon removal is, therefore, the ultimate solution for many years to come.

In order to cater to this, garages need to look for state-of-the-art and innovative products that enable them to meet the growing consumer demands. There is no denying that our carbon cleaning machines fit into this category. Equally we have a range of powerful DPF machines which restore any DPFs out there in a quick, professional and cost effective method.

Not only do carbon removal machines enable people to do their bit for the environment but they get more out of their vehicle as well. This is because engine performance is restored, fuel economy is improved, and their car will run a lot smoother as well. These are all the sort of improvements any car owner would be looking for, no matter whether they are running a commercial vehicle or a car for their own leisure. 

As a garage owner, you want to get ahead of the competition and to do this, you need to provide customers with the sort of products that give them real gains and that they are unable to find elsewhere. This is what you can expect with a carbon cleaning machine like ours. It really is a no brainer when it comes to mastering the UK aftermarket and catering to current trends.

We have a range of machines suitable for all budgets, so speak to one of our experts and start thriving from carbon removal technology.

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