Kelland Plant invest in our DPF Cleaning Tech

Kellands Plant is a specialist supplier of new & used plant and machinery for use in construction, demolition, civil engineering, and road-building projects. Kellands Plant Sales Ltd is proud to represent some of the largest manufacturers of construction equipment in the world, with full responsibility for all sales, parts, service, and warranty work.

Now armed with their new DPF machine, they can ensure that the service they provide for customers covers their DPF filters without having to source an external engineer for this work.

Benefits of the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine?

  • Top of the range machine

  • Enclosed Cabinet style design

  • Adjustable Pressures

  • Printer system to show pre-service/ post service results in Mbar

  • Advanced Triple filtration system (33 filters in total)

  • Can remove up to 100% of soot/ ash in DPF

  • Automatic set and forget function

By taking the plunge, thousands of workshops like Kellands Plant around the UK have realised the exponential potential in sales revenue, potential growth in client segments, new business opportunities, and more.

DPF issues are a common issues for vehicle drives and workshops investing in our range of DPF Cleaning machines will be able to fulfil the demand that the automotive market is currently experiencing.

The Carbon Clean Difference

What makes us different is the quality of our DPF Cleaning technology, which not only impresses your customers but also provides a fast return on investment as our DPF Cleaning technology guarantees fast removal of carbon, soot and ash in a timely manner!

As a result of quick and efficient cleaning, you have the opportunity to earn anything from £99 to £250+ every hour (dependent on your DPF Cleaning Rates)…now that’s what we call a massive return on investment.

Offering Carbon Clean means you earn, while your customers save! Want to find out how you can get your Carbon Clean equipment ready and earn your workshop vital revenue?

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