Latest Innovation | Ground-breaking Carbon Removal Technology

Carbon Clean have taken carbon removal to a whole new level with our latest innovation. We have implemented ground-breaking additional features and refinements to develop the ultimate carbon cleaning technology.

Our brand-new CC-20 Series combines state of the art technologies with oxyhydrogen for the engine and DPF Smart Clean for the cleaning of DPF’s. Both techniques are off-ramp and take just a matter of minutes to complete with this new equipment.
Our new range allows one single engineer to easily and safely perform a Carbon Clean or a DPF Clean all from one single unit. This means that less money is spent on equipment and less labour time is needed too which is a win, win for many workshops.
The CC-20 Series includes two models including our CC-26 and CC-28 Carbon Clean Machines.

What’s the difference between the two machines?

The CC-26 is ideal for the passenger market to clean vehicle engines from 1-4 litres. Whereas the CC-28 is the ideal investment for commercial workshops as it accommodates all engines from 4-16 + litres. Both units benefit from the same fantastic features and benefits including:

  • New and increased power to the electrolytic tanks for increased oxyhydrogen production
  • Cleans DPF Filters and includes DPF Smart Clean technology
  • Flexiscope; a flexible borescope for high resolution visual inspection of the engine interior
  • RAID technology so, should a cell fail, gas production will be unaffected at up to 1800 litres/hour!
  • Multi-user interface

Why your Workshop should invest in our new carbon removal technology

Carbon Cleaning and DPF Cleaning has been proven to help workshops to generate more revenue. With this in mind, using one single unit which can perform both services allow you to perform both services using one piece of equipment rather than having to buy a Carbon Clean Machine and a separate DPF Cleaning Machine.

Both services are incredibly popular. DPF’s will always get blocked on diesel vehicles, therefore being able to perform a DPF Clean at your premises ensure that you always have a service to offer your customers.
Carbon Cleaning has also become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. With many drivers now understanding the huge positive impact carbon cleaning their engine can make. In fact, most drivers that are made aware of the benefits of a Carbon Clean tend to opt for one to simply ensure the best maintenance for their vehicle.

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