Common Misconceptions about Carbon Cleaning

Common Misconceptions about Engine Carbon Cleaning

There are many misconceptions about engine carbon cleaning or HHO cleaning which make workshops apprehensive about using this new technology.
We take a look at the common misconceptions and answer the myths relating to carbon removal in vehicle engines.

1. Carbon cleaning is ‘hard to sell’.

Many Workshop Owners are under the impression that Carbon Clean Services are hard to sell to drivers. As it’s seen as a more preventative service rather than a necessity. However, engine carbon cleaning is one of very few services which can be suitable for all vehicles. Therefore, if you have a customer coming in for a service you can quite easily make some extra revenue on top of this by offering them a Carbon Clean. Especially once you explain how much this service can improve their fuel economy, and the health of their engine components. We agree that the problem is not widely recognised amongst the general public, but once the customer is educated about the benefits then it’s an easy upsell. For commercial fleets it’s a no-brainer with the improved fuel economy and the increased longevity of engine components.

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2. It will damage my customers engines

This is another big misconception about carbon cleaning. Workshops are led to believe that carbon cleaning can cause damage to vehicles. But this is not true. In fact, at Carbon Clean we offer one of the safest ways to efficiently remove up to 100% of carbon built up in vehicles engines. There are cheap alternative machines out there in the market which have tarnished the effectiveness of carbon removal but it’s just a case of poor-quality machines producing poor results. Our wet cell technology is state-of-the-art and has been proven with amazing before/ after results which can be seen in this article. The machines do not use any chemical fluids to remove carbon deposits. We use HHO technology, which can combust in an engine without damaging any vehicle parts. This is the safest way to remove carbon build-up, as the gas travels through the exhaust system seamlessly, without negatively damaging any components.

3. It isn’t going to benefit my customers vehicle

Nobody wants to offer a service or a product which they don’t genuinely believe works. This is completely understandable as there are machines out there which do not live up to carbon cleaning expectations. However, we offer a range of professional, engine carbon cleaning machines which are known for producing the ultimate results both you and your customers want to see. Including improved vehicle performance, a healthier engine and better fuel economy. In fact, we use RAID technology which creates high gas output and provides a longer lasting machine. This means that as a Workshop Owner you are getting the most out of your carbon cleaning investment.
With the higher concentration of HHO, toxic emissions such as CO, CO2, HC & NOX drastically decrease. Our team can demonstrate this by covid-safe site visits where we can perform full demonstrations on our Carbon Clean Machines. With the ability to show you real life, real time results.

We guarantee that you will also be impressed with the near zero operating costs which provides a huge profit potential once you have purchased one of our professional Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines. The machines are so easy to use as you can see in this video demo >
So now you know that these are just misconceptions, what’s stopping you from investing in Carbon Cleaning?

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