Common Misconceptions about DPF Cleaning

Common Misconceptions about DPF Cleaning

Nowadays DPF Cleaning is an essential service for all types of workshops. Not only is the service easy to perform but having the ability to perform DPF cleans in-house allows you to generate much more workshop revenue and attract many more client segments.
However, there are still many misconceptions about DPF cleaning which hold businesses back from investing in the technology.

1. DPF Cleaning causes damage to the DPF

Here's another one of the major misconceptions about DPF Cleaning. Some workshops and vehicle owners think that high-pressure DPF cleaning can cause damage to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, our professional DPF Cleaning Machines do the complete opposite. They improve the DPF by removing up to 100% of carbon, soot and ash built up and successfully regenerate the DPF. The machines have operating pressures between 2-6 bar which are optimal pressures that completely unblock soot and ash without affecting the structure of the core element. Furthermore, no harsh chemicals are used which could damage the precious metals within the DPF. The high-pressure air and water along with a special formulated nano catalyst technology solution will clear any DPF's on the market. 
The process of cleaning a DPF is very straight forward as you can see in this article >

2. You get bad waste from DPF cleaning.

DPF Cleaning does mean that you will have a lot of bad waste. However, at Carbon Clean we provide environmentally friendly chemicals which are designed to separate water from solid particulate waste from the DPF (ash & soot sediments). Once they are separated, the DPF waste can easily be deposited into the current waste oil drums which are typically used in the workshop.

3. Your limited to what DPF’s you can clean.

This is another majot misconception Many Workshop Owners do not realise the flexibility of some of the DPF Machines on the market. We are unique in offering a range of professional DPF Machines which have the ability to perform a DPF clean on all types of vehicles. All our machines come complete with all of the appropriate adapters to clean a versatile range of DPF’s no matter what the type of vehicle.

We have a machine to suit your workshop and client base.  
DCS-16 – accommodates all passenger vehicles & vans.
DCS-17 – accommodates all passenger vehicles & commercial fleets.
DCS-20 – accommodates all passenger vehicles & commercial fleets (comes complete with additional features)

View video demo of all our equipment here >

4. It’s better to buy a new DPF.

OEMs make much higher profits from selling new DPF's rather than professional aftermarket restorations and that’s why they push this narrative. The average price of a Mercedes C-class DPF can cost around £2,500 however a professional DPF clean with this technology costs around £250, that’s a tenth of the price. When you consider commercial fleets, that’s an absolutely massive saving which is why our DPF Cleaning Machines have become so popular.

We hope these answered your misconceptions around the subject and now it’s clear to see the true value of adding this service to your workshop and the additional revenue it can bring.

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