Promoting Carbon Clean in Fabulous Las Vegas!

The USA has over 240,000 automotive garages and over 272 million vehicles on the road! That’s why our team visited one of the largest Auto shows in America, AAPEX, Las Vegas.

Our Engine Carbon Clean machines which are also referred to as Aqueous machines or HHO machines in the states, were very popular with more and more garages aware of the cutting edge process. Our USA team were showing distributors, industry sales reps and end-users about our unique Wet Cell technology which safely removes carbon from deep inside the combustion engine for passenger cars, to Freightliners and even motorboat engines!

On the other hand, our ultimate DPF machine, namely the DCS-20 enclosed cabinet system received a lot of attention from fleet owners. The haulage market is huge in the states and there are very few garages offering a professional, quick DPF restoration service. Our DCS-20 has many powerful features ideal to clearing upto 100% of the soot and ash build up thats very common in the Freightliner, buses and pickup trucks.

So if your fleet operator, then these machines can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs, DPF restoration rather than replacements and lower servicing costs due to better engine performance/ reliability.

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