New Approved Carbon Clean Centre opens in Fleetwood

New Approved Carbon Clean Centre on the Carbon Clean network – Fleetwood

Carbon Clean, a renowned company helping workshops and engineers to tackle the common carbon build-up problem in vehicles, have recently brought on new and approved Carbon Clean Centre in Fleetwood.

Bosch Car Service member James Jackson’s Central Garage Ltd has become Carbon Clean Centre Fleetwood on 31st July. Managing Director James Jackson had been vastly impressed with the results following treatment of a company van. This fascinated him to successfully become Carbon Clean Centre Fleetwood fully utilising Carbon Clean’s technology and services providing flexibility for any workshop, regardless of size. “Again, the demonstration really helped show the Carbon Clean difference,” said Chris. “We treated an Audi V6 diesel that belonged to their senior mechanic. “He couldn’t believe the difference after a quick test drive – the ‘diesel clatter’ had gone and he also said a flat spot that he’d just put down to turbo lag had disappeared too.”

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