New Carbon Clean Centre Plus: Waterlooville PO8

We are pleased to announce the addition of another Authorised Carbon Clean Centre to our ever-expanding network – Carbon Clean Waterlooville in Hampshire. Carbon Clean Waterlooville is one of three CCCPlus – Carbon Clean Centre Plus – sites in the UK currently, alongsideCCCPlus Hainault and CCCPlusStanton.

A CCCPlus Centre offers both our carbon cleaning service and our DPF cleaning service too, two excellent revenue generating services for a garage business.

Our Waterlooville location is already reporting excellent results with the customer’s cars they’ve been treating with Carbon Clean customers reporting improved MPG and restored performance from the moment they leave the Centre, and customers in for a DPF clean areseingblocked DPF-warning code and Limp-mode issues resolved after having the service carried out.

We are always looking to add new sites to the list of Authorised Carbon Clean Centres across the UK, and there are still numerous areas without coverage. If you’re interested in adding the UK’s leading carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning machines to your business click that Contact button above and get in touch.