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Clean & Dry DPF’s at the same time, here’s how

DPF Cleaning has been taken to a whole new level with our latest addition to our existing DCS DPF Cleaning range. The DCS-25 DPF Cleaning Machine has the ability to completely revolutionise the way in which you clean DPF’s at your workshop or automotive business.

It’s time to start working more efficiently at your garage with this new investment. The machine itself comes equipped with all of the fantastic features and benefits that our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine offers, but with the added benefit of being able to manage two DPF’s at the same time in between cleaning and drying processes.

Full features and benefits of the DCS-25 include:

  • Fantastic cleaning ability – removes up to 100% of carbon, soot & ash built up in any type of diesel particulate filter
  • Complete flexibility – with a variety of adapters available you can clean any type of DPF from passenger vehicles, vans, trucks, commercial fleets, and more
  • Simple and easy operation – With start/stop buttons our DCS-25 is incredibly easy to operate and allows you to free up resources with the fantastic set-and-forget feature
  • Intelligent steth zonal technology – you will have the ability to examine the state of the DPF, and help determine the severity of the blockage and any damage to the DPF itself
  • Dual action – clean and dry DPF’s at the same time allowing you to be able to cater for the high demand that DPF cleaning brings
  • Self funding technology – all you need is 1 customer per week for this machine to pay for itself.
  • Built-in printer – for pre and post cleaning results so you can show your customers the difference your clean has made to their DPF
  • Market-leading triple filtration – to allow for only the very best cleaning results
  • Minimal running costs


Whether you’re a Garage Owner, Commercial Fleet Owner or Haulage Company our new model will be incredibly beneficial for you. Here’s why…


Garage Owners / Start-Up Workshops

  • Increase workshop revenue by up to £100K+ per year
  • Attract a new client segment
  • Offer a service that is high in demand
  • Speed up customer vehicle repair times by being able to clean and dry DPF’s in house instead of having to send them away for external cleaning
  • Retain the profit of cleaning DPF’s rather than missing out on every DPF opportunity that enters your business

Commercial Fleet Owners / Haulage Companies

  • Cut external DPF cleaning costs by bringing it in-house
  • Reduce vehicle downtime, as you’ll be able to decide how long your vehicle stays off the road for
  • Have the ability to also capitalise on the investment by offering DPF cleaning services to other local Commercial Fleet Owners / Haulage companies or businesses that outsource their DPF Cleaning needs
  • Gain back control of your fleet

The Need For DPF Cleaning In Your Area

With the cost of living and many other factors drivers are doing everything they can to keep vehicle maintenance costs to a minimum. Ensuring that they only spend money on their vehicle if really necessary. Fortunately for you DPF issues are one of the most common problems which need fixing with urgency as if left unresolved can result in more severe and expensive repair bills. However, with our new DCS-25 you can offer your customers a cost-effective solution still. By being able to clean their DPF, you will be offering them a fantastic service at a fraction of the price of a DPF replacement making your service a no-brainer for the typical driver.

Support your local drivers, and help them save a few pounds while also ensuring your making a good profit that keeps your business alive too!  

We’ve already installed the DCS-25 in various workshops and businesses in the UK. Don’t miss out on this lucrative business opportunity. Take the plunge and invest in your own DPF Cleaning Technology today. To book a live demo on our DCS-25 email today or call 0203 507 0175.