Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an engine carbon clean use chemicals?

No. Our state-of-the-art machines run entirely on water and electricity process to break down the molecules of water into HHO gas which attracts carbon and thus extracts this from the engine. Chemicals can also be expensive to buy on a regular basis and this eats into your profit. Its unique HHO system only needs a liquid gas filter refilled every six months of use. Our system is therefore better for the environment and without the need to purchase extra consumables.

How does your machine clean DPF's?

We firstly use an environmentally friendly chemical to loosen up the carbon deposits in the filter. Our efficient machines then clean the filter with high pressure air and water, which extracts 95-99% of the soot, ash and other contaminants.

Do I need special training to run your machines?

No, our machines are designed to be easy to operate by even a junior mechanic. With most machines we also have self-service features, allowing you to start the process and let the machine carry on while you complete other duties in your garage.

How long does the service take?

The process is very quick and simple. Engine carbon cleans take just 30 minutes. After the DPF has been removed from the car, then depending on your machine spec, it will take 15-20 minutes.

How quick can I get my workshop setup?

We normally have machines in stock, and we aim to get the field support team to do a site setup visit within 14 working days, after invoices are settle or finance approved.

Can I use finance?

Yes, we use a reputable finance company who can access your credentials and organise a 3/ 5 year lease agreement, depending on your credit status.

Can I have a demo?

Yes, we provide demonstrations all over the country. We can demo both the engine carbon cleaning machines and DPF cleaning machines. Our field sales team would be glad to arrange a presentation and discuss many ways to add to your workshop’s revenue stream.

What warranty do I get?

We offer 12 months to 36 month warranties depending on the business package you choose.

Can I have exclusivity?

This depends on the business package you choose, but approved carbon clean centres will have a 10- 15 mile exclusive area.

What marketing support do you offer?

If you become an approved carbon cleaning centre/ engineer, we support you in several ways. You’ll get your own website page, a workshop listing on our carbon cleaning site, a facebook business page, and access to a client portal with lots of beneficial features.

Do I have to buy a DPF and a carbon clean machine together?

No, you can buy each machine separately, however once you realise how easy it can be to increase revenue with our machines, we’re confident you’ll be keen to offer both services.

Does the machine clean DPF on the car?

No, you must remove the DPF from the vehicle. This is to ensure we can clean deep inside the DPF without affecting the other components in the powertrain.

Does the engine carbon clean EGR valves?

EGR valves contain unburnt oil, fuel and other contaminants. Our engine carbon clean machine focuses on the internal combustion chamber to prevent further contaminants of the EGR valves.

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Learn how offering Carbon Clean can help your business.