3 Ways To “Go Green” In 2021!

Reduce Carbon Emissions through our automotive environmental technology

Start the year right by ‘going green’ and helping to reduce the amount of carbon footprint. Wondering how? We highlight 3 clear ways to reduce carbon emissions using various machines in your workshop.

The automotive industry is to blame for up to 30% of the total CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere so therefore there is a big push for governments and businesses to drive the initiative to reduce carbon emissions. The great news is that we offer various machines which reduce the carbon emissions while providing clear benefits to the driver and harvesting extra revenue for the garage. This makes this initiative a win, win situation for all.

1. Invest in an Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine

At Carbon Clean we offer a range of HHO Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines designed to accommodate almost any type of vehicle from passenger cars, vans, trucks, commercial fleets, motorcycles and even boats. Our machines are specifically designed to offer an easy and less labour-intensive way of cleaning carbon built up in vehicles engines. By investing in one of our machines you can increase your workshop revenue with a new unique service whilst also contributing towards a healthier environment by reducing the carbon footprint in your area.

View the full product information here.

2. Dive into the world of DPF Cleaning

Investing in something new for your business can seem daunting but investing in DPF cleaning is definitely worthwhile for any workshop that wants to increase their workshop revenue and contribute towards a greener environment. Diving into the world of DPF Cleaning will allow your business to help reduce carbon footprint significantly. Many diesel vehicles are affected by the build-up of carbon, which causes the dpf filter to become blocked and any regeneration will fail to solve the issue. Many workshops don’t realise how effective our technology is to remove up to 100% of the carbon with our machines.

Find out more about the exact DPF Cleaning machine models

3. Use a HPCS Machine to remove Carbon Build-Up

Our range of high pressure cleaning system (HPCS) machines are designed to remove carbon build-up in the most effective way yet. Our machines allow you to deeply and effectively remove carbon build-up from every single component within a vehicle’s engine simply by using high-pressure air and water. Carbon is a natural bi-product of the combustion process but measures to clean the internal engine are imperative to reduce the carbon emissions. The equipment is designed to be easy to use and the cabinet style design reduces mess and water leakage. This is the perfect solution for those who have are responsible for ensuring vehicles last for as long as they can. Fleet operators and commercial vehicles can dramatically reduce their carbon emissions with this process.

View a demonstration of our HPCS16 model 

So we hope you see that there’s clear and easy ways to reduce carbon emissions in the aftermarket automotive industry and we hope you invest in our machines to reduce the carbon footprint and increase your workshop revenue.

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