Babcock heathrow

Reducing Carbon Emissions at Heathrow Airport

Babcock International are a reputable service provider for Heathrow airport, maintaining a wide range of vehicles through their on-site commercial workshop facility.

The fleet of diesel vehicles were running into several problems due to speed restrictions on the runway, not allowing the dpf to regenerate and expel the harmful particle matter, leading to excessive carbon build-up.

They were searching for an effective, labour efficient way of removing carbon from various parts of the engine.

After our team performed a demo on-site with a few of the service vehicles, they noticed a dramatic difference in efficiency and performance of the engines. Our CC-14 Engine carbon cleaning machine is now being used periodically on various vehicles to reduce carbon building up.

The benefits they’ve noticed are:

  • Massively reduced labour times
  • Equipment that is simple and easy to use
  • Increase in the vehicle’s performance
  • Increase in the longevity of the engine
Graham Pattison
Airport GSE Service Manager
“We haven’t had any carbon related issues with our fleet since introducing the CC-14 carbon cleaning machines 5 months ago”

Moreover, our High-pressure washing system is another useful machine in their arsenal of workshop equipment. When the engine needs to be stripped down, the parts washing system is used to remove, dirt, grime and stubborn carbon on various engine components. Our machine is designed specifically for easy use in a cabinet style to avoid excessive mess while providing all the accessories to quickly clean all manner of engine parts.

Stuart Duncan
Workshop Controller
“For fleet operator I would highly recommend Carbon Clean machines on the basis of cost-effectiveness, pro-active maintenance and increasing the longevity of the engine”

Our team are proud to be lowering the harmful emissions from service vehicles at Heathrow and look forward to progressing more projects for the fleet operators in the UK and abroad.

To learn more about how we can save your fleet money and downtime with our state of the art DPF and Engine Carbon cleaning machines, speak to our experts on + 44 (0) 203 507 0175 or book a safe and secure demo onsite by emailing us.