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Why Tuning Workshops Are Investing In Carbon Cleaning

AMD Tuning are a leading remapping and tuning specialist workshop in Essex. Their owner, Shaun Hollamby is a successful touring racing driver heavily involved with the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship). It’s fair to say they are very experienced in the racing and performance arena!

In 2018 they became an Approved Carbon Clean Centre Plus and invested in our CC-16 Oxyhydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine along with our DCS-16 DPF Cleaning Machine. There are many benefits of becoming a centre as you can read here.

AMD Showroom

The Revisit

3 years on we visited their premises to find out how they progressed as an official centre. They use our carbon removal technology on a daily basis, and are seeing great results.

Either offering carbon cleaning to vehicles that come in for regular annual services or part of a performance tuning service to maximise the results. The DPF Cleaning service is also proving to be very popular because when a DPF is blocked it needs immediate attention and our DCS-16 can perform a professional clean in about 2 – 3 hours.

Carbon Clean also sponsored the AMD racing team for the BTCC in 2018. This association reflected the passion for extra performance that our carbon removal technology can offer. It was also amazing to see a limited edition AMD Tuning Scalextric model car which featured our Carbon Clean logo which also demonstrates our key partnership with their brand.

Images from AMD Showroom & race event

Carbon Removal and Tuning

Removing carbon from engine components and (or) from the Diesel Particulate Filter before adding a professional remap can create some amazing results. This is a perfect combination to get more bhp out of a client’s engine. AMD are just one of the tuning workshops that are maximising their revenue using our unique technology. We also created some amazing results for this car enthusiast’s beloved Porsche 911 as you can see here

For an in-depth article regarding the benefits of carbon removal with engine tuning, click here

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