How Ozone Tech helps against COVID-19

Safely Sanitize any Environment against Pathogens and COVID-19

Use the power of sanitizing ozone technology to help during this pandemic and beyond. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the spread of bacteria has become a huge worry. People are now more aware of the need for constant sanitization in all types of environments to ensure they are following Government Guidelines,to prevent the spread of deadly viruses, like Covid-19. Carbon Clean Pro Ozone Machines offer an easy answer to conveniently and deeply sterilizing vehicle interiors in a matter of minutes, as well as being effective in other environments to stop the spread of germs in schools, offices, communal areas, gyms and more.

Making personal environments cleaner and safer, our Pro-Ozone machines can be used as a safe and effective way to sanitize any environment. This will help to keep all types of environments compliant with the Government Covid-19 Guidelines

Thanks to its high oxidizing power, the Ozone treatment works well to eliminate pollutants and pathogens present in the air such as dust, gas, viruses, bacteria, mould and spores. These can be carried through air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as sticking to all kinds of surfaces such as steering wheels, dashboards, door handles, tabletops, and more.

How Ozone Technology sterilizes

The Pro-Ozone generator uses a honeycomb ceramic material discharge unit, which effectively increases the area of ozone release. Combined with a powerful turbofan to increase the output flow, the ozone can be distributed throughout the entire space to sterilize and disinfect areas a lot faster. As well as an all stainless-steel body design, it’s lightweight and at the same time enhances shock resistance, drop resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Benefits of using sanitizing ozone technology:

  • No harmful residues left after the reaction happens
  • Reaches areas which are normally neglected/hidden
  • Disinfects and eliminates odors
  • Ideal for areas subject to bacteria presence
  • Reduces harmful bacteria/viruses including Covid-19
  • Creates a clean and safe environment
  • Quick service time – Vehicles can be free from germs in under 1 hour!
  • Easy to use simple machines

The Business Opportunity

Invest in our machines from £249+VAT and offer this unique service in several different environments. Possible Ozone uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle interiors
  • Small offices/workplaces
  • Gyms
  • Property Management
  • Schools/ Public environments

We offer 4 models to suit different budgets and commercial usage.

Here’s a simple example of how an automotive workshop can offer Pro-Ozone cleans on various vehicles to generate lucrative returns while providing a valuable service to sterilize vehicle interiors.

Pro-Ozone 14

Our entry-level machine introduces a sterilization service to your automotive clients. This can be used for small spaces up to 355m²

Pro-Ozone 16

Similar to our Pro-Ozone 14 model, but increased O3 output meaning the same areas can be disinfected in a quicker time providing more commercial value.

Pro-Ozone 18

This model is ideal for larger spaces up to 100m² which means larger office spaces, communal areas as well as all vehicle interiors.

Pro-Ozone 20

The bigger the better. Our top of the range Pro-Ozone has the most ozone output of the range. Clean spaces up to 100 m² in just 30 minutes. The perfect commercial product that offers quick and thorough cleaning of vehicle interiors, offices, and other areas.

Email the team at for more information and to organise an onsite demonstration or call us direct on 0203 507 0175.

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