Steward Transport’s Solution to DPF Issues

Steward Transport has recently joined our esteemed Carbon Clean network! Established in 1968, this exceptional company specialises in independent road, brick, and block haulage. Based, in Kent, Essex, Steward Transport extends its services across the UK and even ventures overseas.

With ownership of a large fleet, Steward Transport, like many other fleets in the industry, faced challenges associated with DPF maintenance. Having recognised that DPF replacement and outsourcing their DPF cleans would be costly, this wonderful company made the strategic decision to invest in our DPF Cleaning technology to maintain their fleet in-house. This decision was made after an insightful demonstration conducted by our reliable team on our brand-new DCS-17 Pro DPF Cleaning Machine. Throughout the demo, our team showcased the capabilities of our fantastic DCS-17 Pro, walking Steward Transport through its remarkable features and illustrating how our machine effectively tackles DPF blockages.

After seeing the results live, it was a clear decision that our DCS-17 Pro was the way forward. Having now invested, Steward Transport are now able to tackle DPF issues, reduce downtime massively and regain control of their fleet. This long-term investment will be a powerful addition to their workshop, by bringing in their DPF cleaning in-house, Steward Transport no longer need to waste thousands of pounds outsourcing their DPF cleaning elsewhere.

Are you a large commercial fleet owner like Steward Transport? Consider investing in our DCS-17 Pro, a versatile DPF cleaner suitable for passenger vehicles, LCV’s and HGV’s. This brand-new machine boasts many incredible features including the following:

  • Easy work-bed design
  • Can handle Euro 5 and 6 engines
  • In situ clean and dry function
  • Multi-direction DPF positions, to clean deeper
  • Pressure Display
  • Can remove up-to 100% of soot/ ash in DPF’s
  • Automatic set and forget function

Not to mention, in this new edition, the DCS-17 Pro has an amazing blower motor and heater dryer as well as a new built-in printer. With this advantage, you will have documentation of the cleaning process, meaning you will be able to see post-service and after-service results to show the true effectiveness of this ground-breaking technology.

To enquire, call our team today 0203 507 0175 or email