The Benefits of DPF Cleaning

DPF Blockages are inevitable. Every diesel vehicle will face DPF blockages at some point as this is naturally what happens when the engine doesn’t reach optimum operating temperature (normally caused by short journeys). This becomes a big problem for drivers who face these issues as DPF blockages cannot be ignored and must be resolved in order to have a fully functional vehicle still. Therefore drivers always have 2 options. 1) replace their DPF which can cost up to thousands of pounds or 2) get their DPF cleaned which will save them tons of money and does the same job.

At Carbon Clean we encourage all Garages and automotive businesses to invest in DPF Cleaning as this service offers some fantastic benefits. These include:

Increased workshop revenue

By offering DPF Cleaning services you will help your business to generate a significant amount of extra workshop revenue. Up to £52K extra revenue can be generated just by offering DPF Cleaning alone. This type of extra revenue can help make a huge difference to your business and can really help you to excel in the automotive industry as a Garage Owner. What’s brilliant about it is that this amount of money can be made by a simple and easy service which is hassle free through the use of our DPF Cleaning Machines.

Open up a new client segment

Garages which offer DPF Cleaning will notice in increased footfall as local drivers with diesel cars will face DPF blockages and will NEED your services in order to make sure their car still runs. This means that alongside your current customer base you could now be offering services to new customers as well who can rely on you to solve their DPF issues in a less cost effective way.

Being able to save your customers tons of money

We all know how hard times have been lately with the rise in prices for basic living essentials, therefore you’ll notice that almost everyone is seeking ways to save some money. By offering an alternative to DPF replacements which is a fraction of the price your services will be a no brainer for customers facing DPF issues as you will not only be solving their DPF problem but also offering the most cost effective solution for them too. DPF replacements can cost up to thousands of pounds, where as your DPF Cleaning service will only cost them a fraction of that price which already makes your offering incredibly attractive for a driver.

Ability to clean your own DPF’s as well as customers

The best thing about investing in a DPF Cleaning Machine is that not only can you offer DPF Cleaning as a Garage for local drivers but you can also invest in a DPF Cleaning Machine as a commercial fleet owner too. This will allow you to reduce your DPF replacement costs by cleaning your own DPF’s and also give you the ability to offer DPF Cleaning to local garages and businesses around you which do not have the DPF equipment themselves to clean DPF’s so outsource it instead. This then becomes not only a great investment for your business yourselves, but also becomes a way of generating more income for your business too. DPF Cleaning really is a fantastic idea for everyone!

How can I start cleaning DPFs?

Start earning while your customers save! To get started, call us today at 0203 507 0175 or alternatively, email Unsure what DPF machine to invest in for your workshop? Our experts will give you the best advice on which machine would best suit you.