Cr allen invest in carbon cleaning and dpf cleaning technology

This Progressive workshop unlocks even more potential

C R Allen Tuning, Land Rover specialist workshop in Peacehaven have invested in our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine and CC-14 Carbon Cleaning Machine.

The company is part of the C R Allen & Sons Group, which has been established since 1981. C R Allen Tuning was originally established in 2017 to drive forward the remapping and tuning part of the business. Since opening in 2017 the workshop has grown from strength to strength and has branched out to offer a variety of services to vehicle owners including General Repairs, Tuning, MOT’s and more. The combination of carbon removal also works hand in hand with tuning upgrades and creates even better performance results so C R Allen have definitely made a great decision.
Recently the workshop noticed a prime business opportunity as they began to realise that DPF issues were increasing within their local area. They decided it was time to take the plunge and invest in their latest venture- DPF Cleaning, as they wanted to help fill the DPF servicing gap in the market whilst being able to generate extra workshop revenue.

The established workshop is now equipped with our flagship DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine. Designed to accommodate all types of Diesel Particulate Filters from passenger vehicles right through to commercial DPFs. This model is perfect for busy workshops keen to clean multiple DPFs day-in day-out professionally and easily due to the many additional features.

Features & benefits of our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine include:

• Removes up to 100% of soot and ash build up in the DPF
• Automatic set and forget function
• Cabinet style design
• Printer system to show pre-service / post service results
• Active filtration
• Accommodates all types of DPF’s
• Powerful Winch for easier operation
• Dryer/ Blower
• Full accessories to connect all types of DPFs
• UK aftercare and support
• Full on-site training available

Chris Allen explains, ‘We wanted to be able to accommodate all types of DPF’s not just cars and vans. We wanted to be able to attract the HGV market, other commercial sectors and garages so the DCS-20 was the perfect machine for us’.
Engine carbon cleaning was also one of the fantastic services they offered. The business had been using oxyhydrogen cleaning for over 4 years and had seen this investment make a positive impact on
their business revenue. However, their old engine cleaning machine, from another supplier, had broken down and they were unable to source any replacement parts from the original supplier resulting in a loss of workshop revenue.
We introduced the business to our fantastic Carbon Cleaning range to help get their engine cleaning business back on track. They are now equipped with not only our DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine but also our CC-14 Carbon Cleaning Machine. Designed to remove up to 100% of carbon, soot & ash built up in vehicles engines.

Features & benefits of our CC-14 Carbon Cleaning Machine includes:

• Compact, lightweight design
• Ideal for workshops and mobile operators
• Value for money machine
• Set and forget feature
• Virtually zero operating costs
• High power flow
• No moving parts
• Full training available
• UK aftercare and support
• UK stock of parts

We are pleased to announce that C R Allen Tuning are now fully equipped with their new automotive environmental technology. They look forward to welcoming their customers and showing them the fantastic benefits of DPF and Carbon Cleaning.

Are you interested in investing in our automotive environmental technology? Contact our team today.

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