cc-16 carbon cleaning machine

Top 5 Reasons to Start Carbon Cleaning

Our Carbon Clean Machines are designed to remove carbon and soot from any combustion engine. With 3 different machines available we are able to cater for all types of needs and requirements. We have machines suitable for smaller passenger vehicles right up to machines that can remove stubborn carbon from larger commercial vehicles. But why should you invest in our technology?

1. Fantastic Earning Potential

Mostly every vehicle that enters your garage is a potential customer, as we have a variety of machines which can remove carbon build-up from passenger vehicles right up to large commercial vehicles. Your earning potential can grow rapidly just by investing in our carbon removal technology.

2. Easy To Use Equipment

Our Carbon Clean Machines are incredibly easy to use, with simple operation. 30 minutes is all it takes to perform a carbon clean for your customers, which in turn generates more revenue for your business. All you have to do is set the vehicle up to the machine and let it run while you carry on with other tasks around the workshop.

3. Nearly Zero Running Costs

Using only water and cutting edge HHO engine cleaning technology, our machines have nearly zero running costs. Our machines are a more efficient, ecological and smarter way of removing stubborn carbon from combustion engines.

4. Training & On-going Support

We care about our customers. Therefore we provide training on our equipment to ensure that our customers and their staff are comfortable in using our machines. We provide on-going support and maintenance if you become an official Carbon Clean Centre.

5. Digital Marketing Support for Approved Carbon Clean Centres

We offer a unique Digital Marketing Package for clients who would like to become an Approved Carbon Clean Centre. This includes:

  • A designated Facebook page for your workshop
  • A website page with online booking form
  • Online portal access
  • Listing on our store locator, and more.

How can Carbon Clean fix My Engine Carbon Cleaner?

If you need advice on how we can replenish your specific engine, visit our carbon cleaning specialist section.

You can also learn more about our Carbon cleaning machines, speak to our experts on + 44 (0) 203 507 0175 or book a safe and secure demo onsite by emailing us.