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Using DPF Cleaning Technology for Marine Diesel Engines

Carbon Clean successfully installed the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning Machine for PB Asher, who first invested in our entry level DCS-16 machine in 2018.

PB Asher is a company based in Southampton, providing a complete diesel pump & injector repair, service & supply concept.

They have been servicing automotive vehicles as well as various types of marine diesel engines for the last 69 years. They decided to invest in the DCS-20 DPF Cleaning machine in order to offer commercial fleets a same day DPF cleaning service.

Simon Long, who works at PB Asher, said the DCS-20 is the “perfect DPF cleaning

Originally they bought our entry level DCS-16 machine a few years ago and due
to the longevity and results from our basic machine, they were encouraged to invest

Our ultimate model, the DCS-20 can clean any type of DPF on the market such as
passenger vehicles to Euro 4,5,6 and even Motorboat Diesel Particulate Filters.

The owner at PB Asher also mentioned, “the build quality and running cost is also one of the many reasons why we decided to invest into the DPF cleaning technology.”

How can DPF Cleaning Machines benefit your business?

Our flagship DCS-20 DPF cleaning machine allows you to dramatically increase your business opportunities.

DPFs will naturally get blocked but our flagship model makes it very easy to perform a deep, professional clean using our unique ProClean fluid along with high pressure air and water.

This top-of-the-range model can clean any DPF on the market with great ease due to an array of upgraded features like motorised winch, powerful blower to dry the DPF faster and pressure reading print outs.

Watch the video below to view the many more features available on the DCS-20

What are the main benefits of the DCS-20?

• Top of the range machine
• Cabinet style design
• Adjustable pressures
• Printer system to show pre-service/post service results
• Active filtration
• Adjustable water temperature for better results
• Removes up to 100% of carbon, soot & ash built up in DPF’s
• Automatic set and forget function
• Increased earning potential
• Latest DPF cleaning technology
• Competitive finance available
• Full on-site training
• Easy to operate
• UK Aftercare team
• Plus more…

Are you interested in finding out about our premium range of DPF Cleaning machines Contact our team today on 0203 507 0175 Or email: leads@carbon-clean.co.uk