How does a Carbon Cleaning machine work? Carbon Cleaning machine live in action on a Mercedes

What does a Carbon Cleaning Machine do?

Our Carbon Cleaning machines use electrolysis to split water molecules into the composite elements of oxygen and hydrogen to produce oxyhydrogen (HHO gas). The HHO is fed into the engine through the vehicle’s air intake valve to mix with the air and fuel in the combustion chambers of the engine.

This mixture ignites the HHO combusts at a much higher temperature than the fuel alone. This atomises the carbon deposits which are expelled through the exhaust system.

In the Engine Cylinders 

how does a carbon cleaning machine work? Image showing the process in the engine cylinder

Expelling the Carbon Safely

Image showing how carbon cleaning machine works. Oxyhydrogen carbon expels via the exhaust

For the final stage of the clean, the hydrocarbon (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas react, this then expels past the exhaust valve and out of the tailpipe (through the DPF with Diesel engines).

Check out our video explaining how our carbon removal technology works

How investing in Carbon Cleaning Machines can help your workshop

  • Amazing earning potential
  • Wide range of machines to choose from depending on your potential service needs.
  • Proven to have a fantastic impact on vehicles engines and performance
  • Quick service time
  • Training and on-going support
  • Digital marketing support for approved Carbon Clean Centres
  • Long-lasting machines
  • RAID Technology, which creates a high gas output.
  • Nearly zero operating costs
  • Easy to use machines

+ Many more benefits!

How can Carbon Clean fix My Engine Carbon Cleaner?

If you need advice on how we can replenish your specific engine, visit our carbon cleaning specialist section.

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